Nastya Kamenskih (NK)

Nastya Kamenskih (NK)

Ukrainian singer, TV host and video blogger
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Short biography

Anastasia A. Kamenskih is a Ukrainian singer.

Brief biography

Nastia Kamenskih was born in Kiev, May 4, 1987 in the family of the director of the Verevka Choir.

She graduated from Pechersk Gymnasium and music school. For eight years she was engaged in professional ballet.

She received her higher education at the Ukrainian International University of Wisconsin.

Career as a singer for Nastia Kamenskih began with a victory at the festival "Black Sea Games" in 2004.

In 2005 in London Nastia Kamenskih won the "Discovery of the Year" award.

In 2006, together with Alexey Potapenko (stage name: Potap), she created the duet "Potap and Nastya", which performed up to 2017.

In 2007, she performed on the show "Dancing with the Stars" on the TV channel "1+1", and in 2010 - on the show "Star+Zvezda".

In 2016, Nastia Kamenskih hosted the entertainment show "Rossmyshi komik. Kids" on "1+1".

In 2017, taking a creative pseudonym "NK", Nastia Kamenskih began her solo performances, stopping the cooperation with the duo "Potap and Nastia". In the same year, she released her debut solo track "#EtoMyNight" and shot a video clip for it. Soon, Nastya Kamenskih also recorded a Christmas album.

In 2018, at the M1 Music Awards, Nastia Kamenskih was nominated in five different categories and won in two - "Singer of the Year" and "Clip of the Year".

Nastia Kamenskih's Songs

Nastia Kamenskih's career has a total of six albums - including two solo albums and nine solo singles. According to numerous listeners and critics, Nastia Kamenskih's best songs are:

  • "Abnimos/Dosvidos" (with Nastia Dorofeeva).

  • "Trimai."

  • "Pop Like Kim."

  • "Obitsyayu".

  • "#Thismoneynight."

And the most popular songs of Nastya Kamenskih, performed in a duet with Potap, are considered:

  • "Not a couple".

  • "Don't love my brain."

  • "Freaky Spring".

  • "Flew in."

  • "On the Neighborhood."

Online activity

In addition to the official website, on the Internet, Nastya Kamenskih can be found in the most popular social networks.

  • Facebook. Nastya Kamenskih's personal Facebook page is subscribed to by 26,000 people.

  • Twitter. Nastia Kamenskih's Twitter account has more than a million readers.

  • Instagram. The appearance of new photos of Nastia Kamenskih in Instagram is followed by three and a half million users.

  • YouTube. Nastia Kamenskih's YouTube channel, called NKBlog, already has almost a million subscribers.

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