"The best wife": Potap after the high-profile scandals dispelled rumors of divorce on the birthday of Kamensky

Ukrainian producer and singer Potap (real name - Alexei Potapenko) after accusations of cheating on his wife Nastia Kamenskih touched the audience with a congratulation on her 36th birthday. He disappointed all detractors who wanted to break up the star couple and publicly confessed his love for the brunette. Fans appreciated the act.

The showman on Instagram touchingly addressed Kamenskikh, calling her the best wife, singer, and hostess. He noted that even after many years of relationship, he is still passionately in love with her (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

"The best wife, the best girl, the best singer, the best hostess, the most exquisite lady, the kindest heart, the most beautiful soul - it's all you, Kamenskikh. My frog, I am madly in love with you, for you want to live, dream, achieve, and win! I love you like the sun loves the morning like the nightingale loves the dawn. Happy birthday, the most beautiful woman in the universe", - Alexey wrote in his personal blog, attaching a photo of the singer.


Nastya couldn't ignore the congratulations, leaving a response under her husband's publication. "Thank you, my love. Thank you, my sunshine. I love you very much," she wrote. Potapenko's followers began discussing his words and joined in the wishes.

"What a great example. It's not at all difficult to give a woman compliments, not ashamed of their feelings, most sincere congratulations!", "Lekha, handsome, my congratulations to his wife", "She's incredible with you. Happy Birthday, Nastya", "The most adored couple I know", "Good, it means together", "Be happy and appreciate each other", - read the comments under the post.


Recall that at the end of March, the network stirred up the news about the alleged "cheating" of Potap with the singer Gip C. The girl had previously collaborated with the rapper and was even a guest at the wedding of the artists. She recently released a song about Alexei, in which she said that he offered her intimacy for a place in show business. Kamenskikh stated that she does not believe Gip C. She is sure the performer wants PR.

Recently OBOZREVATEL wrote, Nastia Prikhodko made harsh remarks about Potapenko and said that she does not respect him. The singer admitted - previously she often quarreled with the producer and even publicly "sent him away" during a meeting in the Palace of Ukraine. For more details, follow this link.

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