Memes with Kamenskikh after interview 'tore up' the net: the singer was mocked for complaining about her difficult life. Video

Vocalist meets war in Spain

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskikh has become a meme online after an interview with Maria Efrosinina, in which she promised to tell everything honestly. Ukrainians reacted violently to the singer's "confession", claiming that they questioned her sincerity. During the conversation with the TV host, NK kept calling her "cat", complaining about life during the war, and remembering how hard it was for her without her husband, producer Potap.

Network users were prompted by the dialogue to create parodies. Moreover, Ukrainians have launched a new flashmob with reactions to the interview. They mocked Kamenskikh's "difficult fate," comparing her "grief" to the tragedy in Kherson, where many people were left homeless (to see photos and videos, scroll to the end of the page).

The singer Gip C, who previously accused Potap of cheating, also reacted to the artiste's suffering. She wrote: "When you and everyone around you knows about your husband's affairs, but you have nothing else to do but keep your face.

People put a tear filter and Kamenskikh's voiceover on their videos, as well as sarcastic captions.

The users note - they "feel sorry" for Nastya Kamenskikh, who met the war in Barcelona, while Ukrainians were sleeping in bomb shelters, and who was waiting for Oleksiy Potapenko from Spain, when girls were losing their loved ones at the front.


OBOZREVATEL recently reported that dubbing actress Kateryna Sergeeva spoofed Ani Lorak, concerned about a "revenge fund". According to the author of the parody, Karolina complains about the consequences of the Ukrainian joke and the problems with concerts in Russia. To find out more details - read our material.

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