Infiniti for subscribers and 100 thousand for the Armed Forces: Kamenskih criticized for pranking an expensive car and a phone during the war

Ukrainian singer Anastasia Kamenskih was criticized for pranking an expensive car and phone during the war. The artist promised to give one of her subscribers an Infiniti, and another - an iPhone for subscriptions to all sponsors, and also for some reason announced that she would donate 100 thousand hryvnias to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After the publicity and criticism, the post was deleted.

The terms of the prank the celebrity published in the evening, and in the morning she deleted all mention of it. The comments appeared under her already missing Instagram post (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

"We decided together with the organizers to hold a charity contest, in which some of you will get this incredible Infiniti car, and the donation of 100,000 UAH I will send to the collection for cars for our defenders, which we opened as part of the tour "I am Ukraine," - wrote the star.


Many subscribers did not understand what donation had to do with the raffle, and others reproached the organizers of the contest that against the background of an expensive Infiniti 100 thousand hryvnias is not much at all. Some subscribers also wrote that the Ukrainian warriors of the car would need more.

"Here's not the time for such a thing. Better fold with your friends from your subscriptions and buy several cars for the military with this money. And the 100 thousand that you offer to pass on, sorry, but it's very little", "They are cheating me somewhere, but I don't understand where", "You'd better just buy a car for the guys", "Don't you need a victory? Send the car to the AFU," the messages said.


According to the rules of the raffle, you had to subscribe to 94 accounts, including many millionaire bloggers, tarot readers, stores, artists, etc. All of them joined forces and purchased gifts, which they wanted to give to one of the participants afterward. In this way, Influencers raised activity on their pages long before the full-scale war, but the Instagram platform is not too loyal to such ways of propaganda.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that Kamenskih's husband, producer Potap, got into a scandal because of the track "Volunteer". The artist wanted to glorify the volunteers, every day bringing victory to our country, but, according to his fans, he only succeeded in humiliating them.

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