"We will have to resort to hard veto": Hungary made a new statement on Ukraine's prospects in the EU

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Szijjártó says Hungary may veto Ukraine's EU accession in the future

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said that the European Council's decision on December 14, which gave the green light to Ukraine's accession to the EU, has no practical significance. The minister also noted that Hungary may resort to a hard veto in the future.

This was reported by the Hungarian edition of Mandiner. The minister stressed that Hungary was not involved in the decision of the European Council and "is not responsible for it and exempts itself from its consequences."

Szijjártó noted that Hungary could veto the EU's decision on Ukraine if it is not beneficial or unprofitable for the country.

"If Brussels wants to impose things that are unfavorable for us in the real negotiations, then we will have to use a hard veto," Szijjártó said.

Regarding the background of the agreement between the European Commission and the Hungarian government, which is suspected by the Western media, the minister said, "We did not use the tactical position that if we get this, we will change here because the reasons why we still do not support the start of accession negotiations with Ukraine also exist."

Earlier, journalists asked ordinary Budapest residents what they thought about Ukraine's accession to the EU and whether they supported Prime Minister Orban's statements on the matter. The opinions of the respondents were divided. Thus, some Hungarians said they were against the accession and financial support for Ukraine during the war.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that Budapest would be able to suspend Ukraine's accession to the European Union later, if necessary. According to him, the EU's decision to start membership talks with Ukraine was allegedly a "bad one".

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