Sanctions are not an obstacle: Putin's eldest daughter is published in Western scientific journals. Photo

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Putin's eldest daughter is published in Western scientific journals despite sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin's eldest daughter Maria Vorontsova is under sanctions by the United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom. However, this does not prevent her from publishing articles on endocrinology and medicine in American and Swiss journals.

At least four texts by the daughter of the Kremlin dictator were published abroad during 2022-2023. The Russian edition "We can explain" reports about it.

According to journalists, Putin's eldest daughter Maria Vorontsova continues to be published in academic journals in the United States and Switzerland after the outbreak of the war, even though she fell under the sanctions of the United States, the European Union and Britain. "We Can Explain" found links to articles by the Kremlin dictator's daughter, a candidate of medical sciences and endocrinologist by training, on the website of the Moscow University, which collects scientific texts of all university employees.

"She writes articles on endocrinology and medicine in American and Swiss publishing houses: The Endocrine Society and MDPI Publishing. Four Vorontsova texts were published in 2022 and 2023, three of them after the war and one in early February 2022. Vorontsova publishes articles in co-authorship with colleagues at Moscow State University, including at the Faculty of Basic Medicine, where she has been deputy dean since 2022," the publication writes.

Sanctions are not an obstacle: Putin's eldest daughter is published in Western scientific journals. Photo

It is noteworthy that this activity is in no way hindered by the fact that the US, EU and UK have imposed personal sanctions on Vorontsova since April 2022.

"We Can Explain" never received a response to a request for comment from both publishers. The requests were sent about two months ago.

At the same time, the interlocutor of the publication, the editor of a popular science magazine, anonymously told journalists that the sanctions do not prohibit publishing in the West. Sometimes scientific journals pay royalties to authors, but more often the situation is the opposite: the authors themselves pay for the placement of articles.

"The selection is organized in such a way that the article is reviewed (before publication) by knowledgeable people who check it for scientificity. MDPI Publishing has only been around since the mid-1990s, and they are open-access journals, which is not a very solid sign. Good scientific journals are big business, in which they will ask the reader for $20-30 per article. But The Endocrine Society is a cool, good organization", the interlocutor said.

At the same time, according to the editor, the publication of articles authored by Putin's daughter may affect the reputation of the publishing house.

"We can explain" also recalled that Vorontsova became a co-founder of the New Medical Company (NOMECO) in 2019, specializing in nuclear medicine projects. Previously, this company was unprofitable, but the situation changed dramatically with the arrival of Putin's daughter. It made a profit of 597 million rubles in 2020 and earned 857 million rubles in 2022.

This company also managed to repay a loan of 77 million rubles in 2022 and buy out SOGAZ Medicine clinics, where mercenaries of PMC Wagner were treated.

Earlier Vorontsova's data disappeared from Russian registries. After she fell under sanctions, her name as co-owner of NOMECO was "wiped" in the database of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation

The Kremlin recognized that Ekaterina Tikhonova and Maria Vorontsova are his daughters for the first time after the inclusion of members of the Russian dictator's family in the U.S. sanctions lists. Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow would respond to the sanctions against Putin's daughters by "doing as we think is right".

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