Israeli airstrikes on military facilities near Damascus: details

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Israel attacked Syria
Israel attacked Syria. Illustrative photo.

It is believed that the Syrian military jets struck a number of military targets near Damascus, shortly before midnight on Sunday, May 28. They hit targets in the capital Damascus and its environs.

This is the first such Israeli attack since Syria was readmitted to the Arab League on May 7 (after a 12-year suspension). This was reported by The Times of Israel.

The Syrian state news agency SANA claims that Israeli fighter jets launched rockets from the Golan Heights. Syria's air defense forces allegedly shot down several missiles, but the veracity of this claim is questionable.

Nevertheless, the Syrian state media acknowledged that some targets suffered "material damage".

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (a U.K.-based war monitor) said that Israeli missiles struck and then recorded Syrian ambulances transporting the wounded.

The attack, tentatively, was carried out in two waves: the first at Hizbullah's air defense batteries and the second at the international airport in Damascus.

The monitoring center added that this was the 17th Israeli attack on Syrian territory since the beginning of 2023.

Damascus on the map


- On May 13, Israel completed a five-day "Shield and Arrow" operation. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the anti-terrorist measures were successful and that soldiers succeeded in eliminating the top Islamic Jihad leaders in Gaza.

- During this time the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) attacked 422 Islamic Jihad sites in the Gaza Strip.

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