"We were just testing new drones": DIU discloses details of explosions at Russian factories

Explosions in Russia on the night of November 11

The Main Intelligence Directorate is behind the explosions in Russia on the night of November 11. The design bureau that produced missiles and their components in the Moscow region and a powder factory in the Tambov region were hit.

OBOZ.UA learned the details from its own intelligence sources. The intelligence officers joke that they were testing new Ukrainian drones last night and that they were doing it exclusively on legitimate enemy military purposes.

On the night of November 11, explosions were heard in Russia in the Moscow and Tambov regions.

Explosions were heard in the town of Kolomna: locals complained that they heard loud sounds near the Mechanical Engineering Design Bureau (KMB), which is one of Russia's leading research and production centers in the field of military equipment.

It was also noisy near the city of Tambov: explosions were heard at a gunpowder plant in the village of Kotovsk, resulting in a fire breaking out. Local public media reported that the 5th shop of the enterprise was hit.

The Russian Ministry of Defense traditionally reported on the alleged "prevention of the Kyiv regime's attempt to carry out a terrorist attack by an aircraft-type UAV against facilities in the Russian Federation."

But the DIU once again refuted Russia's lies. According to our sources, there was indeed a UAV attack on Russian military targets, and it was successful. As OBOZ.UA's source noted, these operations were "testing our new drones."

At the same time, it is strange for the occupiers to present the destruction of legitimate enemy targets, which are 100% the design bureau in the Moscow region, which produces missiles and their components, and the powder plant in Kotovsk, as a "terrorist attack."

It is also important to note that the Ukrainian drones that hit both targets overcame the enhanced Russian air defense system that protects them.

Located in Kolomna, Moscow region of the Russian Federation, the Mechanical Engineering Design Bureau (KMB) is part of the Tactical Missile Arms Corporation. In addition to manufacturing missile systems of various types and their components, KBM specializes in the design and production of new models of torpedo tubes for surface ships and boats.

KBM is considered a leading enterprise in the development of deck-mounted naval missile systems.

Over the past 50 years, KBM has developed more than 120 weapons.

''We were just testing new drones'': DIU discloses details of explosions at Russian factories

The Tambov Gunpowder Plant, located in Kotovsk, also plays a significant role in supporting the armed aggression against Ukraine. The company produces pyroxylin high-energy powders (EP) for all types of ammunition used by the Russian armed forces. The main customers of FKP TPZ products are a number of companies in the Russian military-industrial complex.

''We were just testing new drones'': DIU discloses details of explosions at Russian factories

Earlier this day, it was reported that explosions were heard in the Moscow region: as it turned out later, unknown drones attacked the factory that produces Kinzhal missiles.

Later, the Russian city of Kotovsk reported explosions as well. After a series of powerful "fireworks", the Tambov Powder Plant caught fire.

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