Ukrainian military shot down an enemy Mi-24 attack helicopter

Ukrainian defenders continue to inflict losses on the Russian occupation forces. On Monday, May 22, the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down an enemy Mi-24 helicopter.

This was reported by the press service of the Land Forces. The 24th King Danylo Separate Mechanised Brigade managed to "demilitarise" the invaders' helicopter.

"Today, the forces and means of the Royal Brigade eliminated an enemy Mi-24 attack helicopter," the statement said.

The 24th Separate Mechanised Brigade said that the enemy's "Crocodile" tried to fire on the village of New York in Donetsk Oblast when it was stopped by an anti-aircraft gunner of the 24th Separate Mechanised Brigade's anti-aircraft missile and artillery division with an accurate shot from the Igla MANPADS. After the hit, the enemy helicopter crashed in the enemy-controlled territory near the temporarily occupied Horlivka.


The Russian Mi-24 attack helicopter costs about $12 million. It is used to destroy armoured and unarmoured military equipment and perform other extended tasks for ground forces.

The crew of a Mi-24 combat helicopter, according to the specifications, is 3 people, but the helicopter can carry up to 8 passengers.

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