"These are only recommendations": MP explains when the draft law on mobilization will be considered

MP Zhelezniak spoke about the procedure for considering the draft law on mobilization in the second reading

On April 9, the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence prepared the final version of the draft law on mobilization, which is to be considered by parliamentarians in the second reading. It is up to the Verkhovna Rada to decide whether to adopt the entire law or a separate amendment.

MP Yaroslav Zhelezniak wrote about this on his Telegram channel. He noted that a table with more than 4,300 amendments should appear for the second reading. They will be divided into two groups: those taken into account by the Committee, which are included in the recommendations for the second reading, and those rejected. There are many more of the latter.

On Wednesday, April 10, MPs will begin consideration of the draft law in the second reading with the rejected amendments. Each author of such an amendment will be able to propose a vote to the parliamentary hall: if the amendment receives 226 or more votes, it will be taken into account.

"I have little faith that there will be a positive outcome here, but such amendments will be put forward. And given how many colleagues are already publicly dissatisfied with the Committee's decision, they will be put forward a lot. Therefore, I think tomorrow the day will begin and end only with the consideration of the rejected amendments...it will end late in the evening or even at night. And then the chairman will announce a pause in the meeting until Thursday morning," Zhelezniak predicts.

On Thursday, April 11, if all the rejected amendments are passed, the consideration of the amendments to the draft law taken into account by the Committee will begin. Each MP can put each such amendment "for confirmation." In order to keep it, 226 votes are required for each amendment. If there are not enough votes, the amendment is rejected and the text returns to the first reading version.

"That's why everything will be decided on April 11. For each change that is taken into account. And then the final vote for the law as a whole," the MP said.

Earlier, MP Oleksii Honcharenko said that the draft law on mobilization would be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada session hall for voting on April 10. The document will come into force a month after its adoption, but it is not known how long it will take, he said.

As previously reported, the National Security and Defense Committee has prepared the final version of the mobilization bill for the second reading. The provisions on demobilization and rotation of the military were excluded from it.

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