"The survival of the nation is at stake": Kuleba explains what could force Putin to back down

Kuleba names conditions under which Putin could end the war

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin can back down and end the war against Ukraine under two conditions. These are the partners' firm belief in the achievability of Ukraine's victory and the absence of fear of the Kremlin leader as the "political animal", as the Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called the dictator, "can sense" it.

He stated this in an interview with CNN. The official noted that the dictator becomes more aggressive as soon as he senses fear.

"Our partners need a firm belief that Ukraine's victory is achievable. And secondly, the absence of fear of Putin. Because Putin is a political animal that senses it," the minister emphasized.

Instead, Kuleba noted, if the dictator feels the strength demonstrated by the Congress, for example, by approving aid for Ukraine, he will be forced to retreat.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister also thanked U.S. lawmakers for approving the military aid package. He emphasized that the price of Russia's victory would be much higher than the price of supporting Ukraine today. Kuleba also noted that every delay in providing aid is compensated by the lives of Ukrainian soldiers.

"Everything we have lost since the fall until now, we have lost because our soldiers did not have enough weapons... We know what will happen if we lose, and that is why we will continue to fight," Kuleba emphasized, adding that "the survival of the nation, the survival of a sovereign state is at stake."

Earlier, Kuleba thanked the United States for approving the new aid but added that the West should recognize that "the era of peace in Europe is over." Kyiv will inevitably need additional assistance to fight a full-scale Russian invasion.

Kuleba also believes that it is a matter of justice to return home the citizens of Ukraine who are subject to military service and are abroad in the midst of a full-scale war and general mobilization. After going abroad, these people had all the proper legal statuses and payments intended for citizens of our country.

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