The European Commission wants to join Ukraine to the defense industry support scheme: what is it about

Cooperation of Ukrainian industry with European industry is a key aspect of the "security commitments"

The European Commission has prepared a draft proposal for Ukraine's full membership in the European Defense Investment Program (EDIP). In fact, it is a scheme to support the EU defense industry.

The aim of the proposal is to promote the restoration, reconstruction, and modernization of Ukraine's defense technology and industrial base.

According to the draft text, Ukraine should be allowed to become a full member of any consortium country for the joint procurement of military equipment with other EU member states, have access to EU funds, and be exempt from VAT in case of joint ownership.

The EDIP Regulation will be presented by the European Commission on Tuesday, March 5, along with the EU's comprehensive political defense strategy.

Ukraine will be given a special place in the Program to support European joint arms procurement and strengthen the EU's defense industry at the expense of the bloc.

Ukraine's accession to the EDIP would be a major step in the formation of a European military-industrial complex, given Kyiv's two years of experience in using defense equipment and its accession to the European Union.

As Ukraine needs large quantities of ammunition and drones, Kyiv is cooperating with EU companies to create joint ventures, purchase defense products directly from EU companies, and develop large drone production facilities. Two years of war also allowed Ukrainians to gain experience in testing and using modern weapons.

According to the draft regulation, "promoting the restoration, reconstruction, and modernization of Ukraine's defense technical and industrial base" is a way to "maintain the defense readiness of the Union and its member states."

"Faced with a high-intensity conflict, the Ukrainian defense and technological and industrial base had to move to a model of a military economy," the draft defense strategy says, and thus "will become one of the drivers of the country's recovery after the war."

Cooperation between Ukrainian industry and European industry is a key aspect of the "security commitments" that the EU's diplomatic service (EEAS) has discussed in relation to the offer to Ukraine, trying to ensure that the bloc's industry will increase production to support the war effort.

"Ukraine is and will be an increasingly decisive partner of the Union in the defense and industrial sector, especially given its full accession process," the defense strategy text says.

The draft text also provides for a specific budget for the Ukrainian military-industrial complex.

As OBOZ.UA reported, there is currently virtually no state assistance in protecting the military-industrial complex. Specialized associations have repeatedly appealed to government agencies to minimize information about manufacturers and suppliers of weapons and military equipment that the enemy can obtain from open sources.

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