"The accent has shifted": enemy losses on the eastern direction of the front increased in January, figures announced

Losses in January amounted to 7,055 killed and wounded.

Ukrainian defenders continue to destroy Russian occupation forces. In January, enemy losses in the eastern sector of the frontline increased significantly.

This was reported by the spokesman of the Land Forces Volodymyr Fitio. "In January, our soldiers destroyed more Russian tanks on the eastern front than in December," he said.

It is specified that since the beginning of the year, as of January 20, Russian losses in the area of responsibility of the "Khortytsia" junior military unit amounted to 7055 people killed and wounded, as well as 931 pieces of military equipment. In particular, these include 120 tanks, 218 armored vehicles, 178 cannons and mortars.

At the same time, 167 invaders' tanks were burned in December.

"If we count by days, in December an average of five tanks were destroyed every day, now it is six," said Lysohor.

He added that the number of artillery and mortar attacks by the invaders has also increased. While in December and early January, Russians fired from this type of weapon 400-600 times a day in the Liman-Kupyansk sector, yesterday they fired 810 times.

In addition, the enemy launched 24 air strikes and used 54 kamikaze drones. However, Ukrainian defenders eliminated 187 occupants and destroyed 79 pieces of equipment, including six tanks, six infantry fighting vehicles, two armored personnel carriers, and two MT-LBs.

''The accent has shifted'': enemy losses on the eastern direction of the front increased in January, figures announced

It is worth noting that the Russian army's losses in manpower could reach half a million soldiers by the end of 2024. This may be the price of the occupiers' seizure of several kilometers of territory, which cannot be considered a military success.

Earlier, British intelligence reported that Russian losses in equipment and manpower in the war against Ukraine have increased in recent days. In just 5 days, the loss of Russian military equipment increased by 88%.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, soldiers of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine destroyed an expensive Russian anti-aircraft missile system. With a precise strike, the defenders turned the Tor air defense system into scrap. It is worth noting that the occupiers tried to shoot down a Ukrainian drone with a missile from the Tor, but missed.

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