Shooting is heard in the bay area of Sevastopol: first details

Shooting in Sevastopol again

Shooting was heard in the area of Streletskaya Bay in Sevastopol on May 31. The sounds of gunshots began to be heard at 11:40.

This is reported by a correspondent of "Crimea. Realities. According to him, the nature of the bursts resembled attempts to shoot down airborne objects.

"At 11:40 a.m., indiscriminate small arms fire began. The shooting began suddenly, with interruptions. The nature of the bursts resembled the actions of shooting down airborne objects," the publication writes.

"Crimea. Realii" reminds that there are several Russian military units on the shores of Streletskaya Bay, which provide coastal protection. In the water area of the bay there is a berth of the Russian warships.

Before that, the Telegram channel "Crimean Wind" with reference to reports of Sevastopol residents also wrote about "loud sounds" in the city. Especially well they were heard in the area of Admiral Fadeev Street. This street overlooks Streletskaya Bay.

The local sub-publics also write that in Sevastopol they "loudly" and hopefully wonder whether the shots are the result of another "drill", which is usually used by representatives of the occupation "authorities" to explain the explosions and shooting in Crimea.


Recall that the day before, on May 30, "bavovna" also peeked into occupied Crimea: powerful explosions were heard in Sevastopol and Saki.

There were reports of at least three loud "explosions" in the publishers, which, according to preliminary information, were the work of enemy air defenses.

However, local "authorities" later invented a justification for these explosions in order to reassure the population. The so-called governor of Sevastopol stated that the Russian Navy allegedly trained anti-submarine warfare teams with practical shooting at the North Mole, the Southern Mole and the Cossack Bay.

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