Russia boasted of "destroying" 70 HIMARS in Ukraine, although there are only 20 of them: propagandists' lies are shown in numbers. Infographic

Russia boasts of "destroying" more than 70 HIMARS in Ukraine

Russian propagandists report daily on the "destruction" of Western military equipment in Ukraine. The US M142 HIMARS rocket artillery system is the most affected by the aggressor country, and they claim to have "hit" 73 units.

However, in total, the Ukrainian army has received only two dozen such systems from its partners. The infographic by "Slovo i Dilo" shows the Russians' lies about this (to see the photo, scroll down to the end of the news story).

"Since the first days of the US M142 HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, the reports have included the 'destruction' of at least 70 of these launchers (Ukraine did not even have that many)," the analysts commented.

In addition, according to the Russian occupiers, they have allegedly neutralised almost all Paladin self-propelled artillery systems at the frontline in Ukraine. The US handed over 18 of them to our army, while the enemy claims to have "destroyed" 17.

The propagandists also lie that Russian troops destroyed four M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles (the first batch of these armoured vehicles handed over to the Ukrainian army totalled about 60) and two Gepard self-propelled artillery systems (34 in total).

Among the defence systems "destroyed" in the Russians' imagination are five Patriot SAM launchers. We have 3-24 of them, because in January 2023, our partners promised to provide three batteries (one battery is about eight launchers).

The propagandists also claim that one of the 4-18 NASAMS SAM launchers will be eliminated in Ukraine. In April 2023, Ukraine had two batteries in service (one battery is about nine launchers).

In addition, the occupiers "brag" about the elimination of eight long-range Storm Shadow missiles (the UK handed over two to ten of them to Ukraine).


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the Russian Ministry of Defence reported that on May 16, it destroyed a Patriot air defence system in Ukraine. However, even the Russians themselves ridiculed this news from the Kremlin.

In early April, Russia was confused by the destruction of Bradley infantry fighting vehicles in Ukraine, because at that time the Ukrainian Armed Forces had not even received them.

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