"Putin can end this war in 5 minutes on his own": Sikorski urges not to force Ukraine to negotiate with Russia

Radoslav Sikorski

The best scenario for ending the war in Ukraine is not negotiations with Russia, but an increase in military aid to Kyiv so that the country can recapture all the territories occupied by the occupiers. The aggressor must realize that it cannot win.

This was stated by Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski during a geopolitical dialogue under the auspices of Foreign Policy on Wednesday, July 3, Ukrinform reports. The Polish foreign minister reminded that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin could stop the war in five minutes.

To do this, he should order the aggressor country's defense minister to withdraw all troops from Ukraine. At the same time, Ukraine cannot end the war in this way.

"But we should not tell Ukraine what to do until they (Ukrainians – Ed.) return all the occupied territories. Because what the Russians are doing in these occupied territories, we would not tolerate in our countries," Sikorski said.

The Polish foreign minister added that Russia cannot be trusted, because in 2004 Putin signed a bilateral agreement with Ukraine and now he is violating it himself.

"If you say we should negotiate, it means that we should allow Putin to disregard the agreement he signed and believe that he will not violate the new agreement. In my opinion, this does not look reliable," the Polish official added.

Regarding the calls from the Global South for territorial concessions from Ukraine, Sikorski noted that Ukraine has the right to maintain its internationally recognized borders. And even if the government decides otherwise, it will be Ukraine's business and its right.

He reminded that India, which is trying to impose negotiations with Russia and concessions on Ukraine, has border disputes with Pakistan and China.

"I don't see that in the near future India intends to give up its territories, although there are certain clashes on the borders and terrorism... Ukraine has the right to maintain internationally recognized borders," he emphasized.

Sikorski also added that Russia's war against Ukraine is, by its very nature, a colonial war that can last for years until Moscow realizes that the beginning of its aggression against its neighbor was a mistake.

"The Russians are probably already reaching that point. But they still have to realize that the price is unacceptable. That is why the war is ongoing, it may take a few more years. If it ends earlier, it will be a bonus... The sooner we convince Putin that he cannot win, the sooner this war will end," Sikorski emphasized.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, Ukraine refuses to compromise with Russia on territorial concessions to end the war. This was stated by the head of the Presidential Administration Andriy Yermak when answering journalists' questions about US presidential candidate Donald Trump's statement about a possible early end to the conflict.

Earlier, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Ihor Zhovkva said that negotiations with Russia could start "even tomorrow," but there is a fundamental condition. To do this, the terrorist country must withdraw its occupation troops from the territory of our country.

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