"No chance of victory": Russia's new plan to "seize" the information space in Ukraine leaked online. Photo

"No chance of victory": Russia's new plan to "seize" the information space in Ukraine leaked online. Photo

Russia is planning a new "seizure of Ukraine" - now in the information space. Russian President Vladimir Putin's administration has approved a plan to escalate the situation inside Ukraine and to spread disinformation and Russian propaganda through Ukrainian social media.

The enemy intends to do this by creating and promoting pseudo-Ukrainian Telegram channels, as well as channels on other social networks, which will be focused on informational influence on representatives of several key social groups of Ukrainians. The new Kremlin's themes were published by the Russian Telegram channel of the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission-United State Political Department.

"The  All-Russian Extraordinary Commission-United State Political Department has a new plan to "seize Ukraine". This time, it is the seizure of the information space. The document was approved by the Russian presidential administration and prepared by the "Agency for Social Design" of Ilya Gambashidze and presidential administration employee Sofia Zakharova. This pair is one of the leaders in budget utilization in the Ukrainian direction. Gambashidze is also engaged in information support for Medvedchuk's "Other Ukraine" Medvedchuk's Other Ukraine," the post says.

According to the public, a document containing an action plan in the information space of Ukraine, which has already been approved by the first deputy head of Putin's administration, Sergei Kiriyenko, proposes to create a number of pseudo-Ukrainian publics through which disinformation, fakes and enemy propaganda will be spread.

"Through these channels, as well as well-known bloggers, etc., fake documents, false information, and propaganda will be spread. Some of these topics can already be seen on Telegram. You can find out what other topics are waiting for us in the near future from the document," the administrators of the public write.

Thus, according to the published plan, the Russians intend to create 8 channels on Telegram, 16 on social network X, formerly known as Twitter, and 16 more on Facebook and Instagram. With their help, the Kremlin intends to distribute among Ukrainians calls for "flash mobs" favorable to the enemy, as well as fake documents, long and short-form content with disinformation and Kremlin narratives, fake and propaganda videos created by Russian propagandists, and pseudo-folk memes to create the impression that Ukrainians support the content of the channels on a mass scale, and these channels will also repost each other's messages.

Formally, these publics will position themselves as "Ukrainian" and distance themselves from ties to Russia as much as possible. In order to gain the trust of Ukrainians, there will be no overt propaganda at first. But later, with the help of these channels, Russia intends to regain and increase the influence it has lost on Ukraine's information space. The Russians are focusing on Telegram because during the full-scale Russian invasion, this platform, which used to be mainly entertainment-based in the Ukrainian segment, has now increased its reach by 600% and is primarily focused on political topics.

Every month, the authors of the plan expect to increase the network's total audience by about 20 thousand people.

The plan is to involve SMM specialists with experience in Ukraine and knowledge of the Ukrainian language, as well as traitors inside the country who have expressed a willingness to quickly transmit "information from Ukraine in real time."

At the same time, the occupiers plan to broadcast different messages to different social groups, which largely overlap with each other, but also have certain differences in emphasis.

For example, to Ukrainians in difficult situations (including refugees), Russia intends to convince them that Ukraine is doomed to poverty and unemployment, that the war will continue for a very long time, and that the government is oppressing the people in every way possible, including "on the basis of language." And only after Russia invades Ukraine will Ukrainians allegedly finally live in prosperity and freedom.

Older Russian-speaking Ukrainians, primarily in the east and center of the country, including Dnipro, Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Odesa, and other cities and regions, will be "pushed" to believe that Ukraine has no chance of winning, and that residents of western Ukraine are "oppressors" who "forbid speaking Russian, going to a normal Orthodox church, and preserving the memory of the Great Patriotic War." Under Ukraine, they say, people are doomed to poverty and deprivation, rising prices, and only "pensions in rubles" will bring them a normal life.

Russia wants to convince working-age Ukrainians in the east and center of the country that Ukraine is losing the war, and that Western aid and counteroffensive operations "only delay the end." They will also be frightened by mobilization and the fact that with each mobilized person it will be "like in Bakhmut," so Ukrainians must "save lives" for themselves and their loved ones at all costs. Normal life, as representatives of this category will be convinced, is possible only after Ukraine's defeat and when "Russia wins and helps ordinary people."

For "thinking Ukrainians with a high level of education and/or social activity," Kremlin propaganda is preparing theses about huge economic losses of up to 50% and that "it will only get worse," and continued resistance to the occupiers threatens economic collapse. They will also be "taken" by stories about "colossal corruption" that is "worse than Russian bombs" and that Zelenskyy and his entourage dream of running away with the stolen goods, so "defending Ukraine now is defending thieves."

The Russian Federation intends to influence the Ukrainian military, their families, and those liable for military service through the messages that Ukraine is "losing the war" and resistance is futile, and that Ukrainian soldiers are allegedly doomed to die, so "surrender is the best choice" and desertion is "not shameful" but "far-sighted." There is also a narrative that "the children of the elite do not go to the front," they "spend money stolen from Ukrainians in Europe," and the government intends to escape with the stolen goods.

For the mothers, wives, and widows of Ukrainian soldiers, Russians are preparing narratives such as "what are our boys dying for?" with the implication that they died not for the sake of their country and their loved ones, but for the enrichment of Zelenskyy's entourage. There are also statements that "the Armed Forces are losing the war," and those who are fighting will either die or return disabled, leaving their families without a livelihood. The "children of the elite" will live while the children of ordinary Ukrainians are deprived of hope for the future.

The invaders are going to treat Ukrainian youth separately. They will use the thesis that "joining the army means going to die," so it is better to "hide and stay hidden." In addition, the Russians will convince them that Russia will certainly win, because "there is no one in Ukraine to fight," and all the professionals are supposedly dead. Those who are not influenced by these "arguments" will be intimidated by Russians: they say that when "Russia wins, you will be reminded that you fought for Ukraine," and "you need to help your parents, study, and generally have your whole life ahead of you."

''No chance of victory'': Russia's new plan to ''seize'' the information space in Ukraine leaked online. Photo
''No chance of victory'': Russia's new plan to ''seize'' the information space in Ukraine leaked online. Photo
''No chance of victory'': Russia's new plan to ''seize'' the information space in Ukraine leaked online. Photo
''No chance of victory'': Russia's new plan to ''seize'' the information space in Ukraine leaked online. Photo
''No chance of victory'': Russia's new plan to ''seize'' the information space in Ukraine leaked online. Photo

Earlier, Petro Andriushchenko, an advisor to the mayor of Mariupol, said that the occupiers in Mariupol want to open a museum of a Soviet executioner involved in the famine in the siege of Leningrad. They also intend to return the city to the Soviet name of Zhdanov in his honor.

Particularly cynical is the fact that the initiative to open the museum came from the governor of St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), where "thanks to" Zhdanov, between 600,000 and 1.2 million Leningraders died of a terrible starvation.

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