Kremlin comments on Putin's statement about "sanitary zone"

Peskov comments on Putin's statement about "sanitary zone"

Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov tried to explain the dictator's words about the need to create a "sanitary zone" in Ukraine. According to him, the Kremlin leader was referring to taking measures "to ensure the security of the Russian territory under attack."

He also added that the terrorist country of the Russian Federation will take measures if the shelling of Russian territory continues. Peskov said this in a comment to Kremlin propagandists.

The Kremlin has said that dictator Vladimir Putin will consider creating a "sanitary zone" on the territory of Ukraine only if flights from Ukraine to Russia continue. Moscow also said that it is a territory from which weapons will not reach Russian territory.

"The president means that against the background of attacks, attacks by drones, against the background of artillery shelling of our territory, settlements on our territories, social facilities, residential buildings, measures will be taken to secure these territories," the Kremlin assassin's spokesman said.

In addition, Peskov tried to explain that it was a so-called buffer zone so that any means that could be used to strike Russia would be out of range.

As a reminder, Putin commented on the possibility of negotiations with Ukraine, promising to "think about it." Also, the Kremlin dictator announced his intention to create a "sanitary zone " on the territory "controlled by the Kyiv regime".

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