"It's not like a D-Day landing: the White House commented on the counterattack by the AFU

War in Ukraine
War in Ukraine

The White House declined to answer the question about the timing of the counterattack by the Ukrainian Defense Forces and whether this operation has already begun. However, they hinted that in the current conditions of war it is difficult to determine a clear "D-day.

A statement to this effect was made at a briefing by Jake Sullivan, national security advisor to the President of the United States.. The recording of the broadcast was published on the YouTube channel of the administration of the American leader.

Recall that "D-Day" is a common military term for the day any military operation begins.

"As you know, it's not like landing on the beach on "D-Day." These types of combat operations are more dynamic, multilayered, multifaceted," Sullivan responded to a reporter's question.

He declined to specify whether the Ukrainian defenders' counteroffensive has already begun.

"Let the Ukrainians themselves characterize and describe what they are doing. I will only say that there is intense fighting in some parts of Ukraine, as we saw in the fighting around Bakhmut," Sullivan noted.


- Earlier, the U.S. said that Russia had stepped up the scale of air attacks on Ukraine in an attempt to force the AFU to postpone a counterattack. However, Ukrainian soldiers successfully shoot down a large percentage of missiles and drones, ruining the occupiers' plans.

- Kyrylo Budanov, head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, explained that a number of statements about the counterattack by the Defense Forces are attempts to confuse and disorient the enemy.

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