In two years of war, Ukraine achieved significant successes while Russia failed - US ambassador to the OSCE

The American diplomat noted that Ukraine's achievements contrast sharply with Russia's failures

In the nearly two years since the full-scale invasion of Russian troops, Ukraine has made significant progress both on the battlefield and on the diplomatic front. At the same time, the aggressor state of Russia is experiencing only defeats and failures, although it is trying to carefully conceal this.

This was emphasized by the Permanent Representative of the United States of America to the OSCE, Michael Carpenter, at a meeting in Vienna on February 8, Ukrinform reports. He noted that Moscow is trying to "create the appearance of success of its military campaign."

At the same time, Ukraine has managed to liberate more than 50% of the territory that Russian troops have seized since February 24, 2022, pushing the war front line back to Russia. And now the Armed Forces of Ukraine are bravely holding the line against constant attacks.

The American diplomat emphasized that Ukraine is making progress not only on the battlefield but also in the air and at sea. He reminded that the Air Force has been successfully repelling Russian missile and drone attacks, and Ukraine has created a "grain" corridor in the Black Sea.

"Ukraine is effectively using defense assistance to intercept wave after wave of Russian missiles and drones. By working with its neighbors to create a new export corridor after Russia withdrew from the Black Sea Grain Initiative, Ukraine is countering Russian efforts to keep Ukrainian grain out of the world," Carpenter said.

He also reminded that more than 50 countries, led by the United States, support Ukraine's ability to defend itself against Russia's attack. In addition, representatives of 83 countries gathered in Davos in January to discuss Ukraine's peace plan."

"All of this stands in stark contrast to Russia's successive series of failures. Moscow has had no choice but to deepen ties with international pariahs under sanctions, such as the DPRK and Iran. It is increasingly dependent on the support of these regimes to continue the war," Carpenter said.

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