In Kharkiv region, locals complain about crows that carry mines: what experts say about it

Thus, the shells are again on the ground, which has already been checked by the sappers

A new danger has arisen in the Kharkiv region in connection with the Russian war. Izyum residents complain about crows carrying mines.

About this writes SQ. People say that crows carry "Lepestok" anti-personnel mines in their beaks. Thus, the shells end up back on the terrain, which has already been checked by sappers.

The Kharkov zoo commented on the situation. There they confirmed the fact that birds really can carry mines.

"The situation is completely unexpected, of course, we would like to have specific confirmed observations and evidence. Nevertheless, it is quite plausible! Crow birds, especially ravens and gray crows,-are very intelligent and can be inquisitive about unusual looking unfamiliar objects. Usually these birds are wary of human objects, but nowadays some of them are so accustomed to living with humans that they can be quite careless about such things. They can carry an object weighing 80 grams on the fly and then drop it," said Dmitry Strelkov, deputy head of the cultural and educational department of the zoo.

As you know, the "Lepestok" mine weighs exactly 80 grams. There have already been tragic cases in Izyum related to mines.

In particular, a woman was blown up by a mine right in the market. And in Balakleya, there was an explosion almost in the center of the city, just a few steps from a supermarket.

In the State Emergency Service said that the "petals" can appear in the new territory not only because of the birds.

"When remotely mined, such ammunition can get stuck in the branches of trees, remain on the roofs of houses and so on. After some time, this inconspicuous, small mine can end up where it was not there before, even in a familiar place," said the experts.

Therefore, rescuers urge area residents to be as careful as possible and immediately report a dangerous find to the State Emergency Service or the National Police by phone numbers "101", "102" or "112.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, on the territories liberated from the Russian invaders local residents often suffer injuries or lose their lives, when they run into mines left by the enemy. A pensioner in Kharkiv Region and a tractor driver from Chernihiv Region were the latest victims of mines planted by the occupiers.

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