"I see no other option": Estonian MEP calls on the West to provide Ukraine with more advanced weapons

The West should make efforts to help Ukraine

Riho Terras, a member of the European Parliament and former commander of the Estonian Defense Forces, believes that the West should provide Ukraine with more advanced technologies and increase the production of high-quality weapons. According to him, otherwise, Ukraine will lose the war and Russia will become even more dangerous.

He said this on Estonian television. According to Teras, Western countries are deceiving themselves, believing that Ukraine receives constant and sufficient military assistance.

"But these figures are very small compared to what Ukraine really needs. We were waiting for a counteroffensive, but at the same time, Western aid was very slow. Therefore, it could not be used immediately, and the Russian occupiers were able to dig in and make huge minefields," he said.

The Estonian MEP also added that the U.S. assistance to Ukraine is indeed great, but America, which is the world's largest economic and military power, could do much more.

In his opinion, if Ukraine is not provided with newer and more advanced military technologies, it will not be able to win this war.

"I don't see any other possibility unless Ukraine has a technological advantage. I am sure that the West needs to make efforts to launch its military industry on a large scale. It needs to start producing weapons in large volumes and improve their quality. If this is not done, then this war will be lost, and the third world war will be approaching step by step," he said.

As a reminder, President of the European Parliament Roberta Mecola said that Ukraine's international partners simply have no right to "get tired" of assisting this country and its army, as their security directly depends on it. Today, millions of Europeans realize how high the price of the Ukrainian nation, which is a shield against terrorism and aggression, is.

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