He was on a special account with the occupiers: new details of the liquidation of collaborator Didovodyuk in Mykhailivka

Didovodyuk, who was liquidated in Mykhailivka, was on a special account with the occupiers

Collaborator Serhiy Didovodyuk, who was killed the day before in Mykhailivka in Zaporizhzhia, was on a special account with the occupation authorities. The traitor fed and watered Russian officers, and organised feasts for VIP collaborators in his 'gendelik' called 'Hetman'.

The details of the "karma" that caught up with Didovidodiuk were reported by the Ria-Melitopol media outlet. It is noted that he was burned alive in his VAZ-2121 car - only a skeleton remained.


According to the journalists, the explosion was caused by the detonation of an explosive device planted under the car. In addition to the traitor himself, there were two passengers in the car: a man and a woman who are in intensive care. The hijackers claim that their lives are not in danger.


The media pointed to a remarkable fact: Russian propagandists christened the local traitor Didovodyuk as Gidovodyuk, with the contemptuous prefix G, which in Ukrainian sounds like "gadfly". Meanwhile, Ukrainian partisans are already sending greetings to the daughter of the late collaborator, Yana Sergiyevna Didovodyuk.


To recap: a powerful explosion occurred in the village of Mykhailivka in the evening of June 2. Didovodyuk's car, which was planted with explosives, was parked near a coffee shop where the occupiers and their collaborators liked to gather.

The liquidated traitor was one of the first to join the Russian military after the occupation of Mykhailivka. In April last year, he even demonstratively handed over the weapons he had previously received as a territorial defence soldier to the enemy.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported:

- Earlier, near the temporarily occupied Melitopol in Zaporizhzhia, a Russian invader died right in the bed of a local collaborator, Snizhana Marchenko. According to preliminary information, the Ossetian's heart failed;

- in Lviv, another collaborator who photographed military facilities in the Lviv region was convicted. Thus, the court sentenced 47-year-old Vladislav Kozeyev to life imprisonment with confiscation of property.

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