"The era of peace is over": Kuleba compares the scale of arms production in Russia and Europe

Kuleba urges the West to produce more weapons. Source: Dmytro Kuleba / Facebook

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba thanked the United States for approving new aid, but said the West should recognize that "the era of peace in Europe is over." Kyiv will inevitably need additional assistance to combat a full-scale Russian invasion.

In an interview with The Guardian, Kuleba said that he believed that Congress would eventually approve aid for Ukraine. At the same time, he urged the West to continue building its defense industry.

According to the Foreign Minister, Ukraine's allies should move from "expressing sympathy for Ukrainians and promising to help in the reconstruction to preventing the loss of life and destruction of the country." He said that the resumption of US military aid, which had been delayed for months by Republicans supporting Donald Trump, would not be enough to defeat Russia.

"No package can stop the Russians. What will stop the Russians is a united front of all of Ukraine and all of its partners," Kuleba said.

According to the minister, the West needs to increase arms production, as Ukraine has done. After all, he emphasized, Russia has succeeded in this regard.

"When I see what Russia has achieved in building up its defense industrial base over the two years of war and what the West has achieved, I think something is wrong on the part of the West. The West must realize that the era of peace in Europe is over," the Foreign Minister emphasized.

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