He wants Ukraine to surrender: ISW explains the true meaning behind Putin's statements during his meeting with Orban

Dictator Vladimir Putin

During a meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin refused to introduce any ceasefire during the possible negotiation process. At the same time, the war criminal spoke about the "final" end of the war.

Nevertheless, the Kremlin leader wants the end of the war to mean the achievement of his goal, which is destroying Ukrainian statehood. This is stated in the analysis of the Institute for War Studies.

At a meeting with the Hungarian prime minister, Putin openly rejected Russia's participation in any meaningful negotiations on a ceasefire agreement, departing from his usual feigned interest in the talks. The dictator also revealed that an agreement between Russia and Ukraine should not lead to a temporary ceasefire, as, according to Putin, this would allow Ukraine to regroup and rearm.

The ISW noted that in fact, Putin is now unwilling to accept anything other than the destruction of Ukrainian statehood and identity, as his remarks and demands constantly illustrate. In particular, the dictator demands the surrender of a significant part of Ukraine's territory and population, as well as Ukrainian military capitulation before negotiations on the final stage of the war.

The Kremlin dictator called for the complete withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from the occupied territories as a precondition for ending the war during his press conference with Orban. However, analysts have emphasized that the alleged boundaries of the seized territories are disputed among Russian ultranationalists, and the Kremlin itself has regularly indicated that Russia aims for territorial conquest beyond the administrative boundaries of the four regions that Russia illegally annexed.

Putin has also expressed concern about the rebuilding and expansion of the Ukrainian army during a potential ceasefire, calling for the "irreversible demilitarization" of Ukraine as a precondition for negotiations. The dictator has repeatedly called for Ukraine's "demilitarization" so that the country would give up its ability to resist Russian aggression.

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