"Did we ask you to come here?" In occupied Mariupol, young people put the invader in his place. Video

Occupation of Mariupol
Occupation of Mariupol

In temporarily occupied Mariupol, Donetsk region, locals put a Russian military officer in his place during a conflict in public transport. They told him that no one called Russia to Mariupol.

The corresponding video was shared on his channel in Telegram Ukrainian journalist and blogger Denis Kazansky. It should be noted that the beginning of the quarrel was not recorded (to see the video, scroll to the end of the page).

"Mariupol. Local young people express to the Russian military all that they think about him and Russia," Kazansky wrote.

He said that the population of the occupied territories for the most part hates the invaders. "It's just that people are mostly intimidated and few dare to express their attitude toward the Russians so openly," the journalist noted.

The company, arguing with an accomplice of the aggressor country, asked, "Do you think you're a military man and you're allowed anything?"

Passengers put the occupant in his place

One of the passengers was outraged that the occupant called them "*ho*les". She said that because of the Russians they had lived through a terrible war. "How many people died...! Because of you...! Did we ask you to come?" - she almost shouted.

Another girl, referring to the Russian occupiers, said: "You are nobody here!"

Watch out for foul language! Video 18+!


Mariupol on the map


- The network showed how the central streets of Mariupol look now. The Russian Federation occupied the city at the end of May 2022, effectively flattened it to the ground and left it in a state of ruin.

- It is known that the invaders are turning the Azovstal plant into their military base. There are still traces of Russian bombing at the plant, but the enemy has brought in its forces and put up concrete fortifications.

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