Detailed action plan for 2024 and beyond: tasks Zelenskyy set for newly appointed Commander-in-Chief Syrskyi

What tasks did President Zelenskyy set for the new chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Syrsky?

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has expressed his expectations of the new Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Oleksandr Syrskyi. He emphasized the need to develop a detailed action plan for the Armed Forces for 2024.

This was reported by the Office of the President on Telegram. The Head of State emphasized that he expects the plan to be ready in the near future.

According to the President of Ukraine, he wants to see the following changes in the plan of the new Chief of Staff, Oleksandr Syrskyi:

- A realistic action plan for the Armed Forces of Ukraine for 2024, including details and taking into account the real situation on the battlefield, both current and future.

- Western weapons should be in every combat brigade, especially on the front line. There should be a fair redistribution of such weapons in favor of the front line.

- Logistical problems must be resolved. Avdiivka should not wait for the generals to find out why their drones are stuck in their warehouses.

- A general must know the front. Every general. If he does not know the front, he is not serving Ukraine.

- The number of staff should be reviewed.

- The army must rebuild the rotation system. It must be effective. The experience of certain combat brigades of the Armed Forces and border guard units, where such a system exists, can be used as a basis.

- Only trained soldiers should on the front line. Training of soldiers is a priority, and it must become better.

- Unmanned Systems Forces. The first commander must be appointed. This is a new kind of force in the Armed Forces.

Zelenskyy also emphasized that Chief Syrskyi would present the new team in the coming days. According to the President, 2024 can be successful for Ukraine only if there are effective changes in the basis of our defense, which is the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"We are proud of our army. The Ukrainian army must become a winning army. To do this, we must do everything in our power," the President summarized the reboot of the Armed Forces Command, once again thanking everyone who believes in Ukraine, as well as fights and works for our country.

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