Army Commander Pavliuk on the harassment of the Territorial center of acquisition: Russia can win with the hands of Ukrainians

Commander of the Land Forces Oleksandr Pavliuk. Source: ArmyInform

Ukrainians who participate in the harassment of the Territorial center of acquisition military are playing into the hands of the Kremlin and helping the enemy to destroy Ukraine with minimal losses for Russia. While at the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion, the citizens of our country realized why it was so important to disrupt the "mobilization" of hundreds of thousands of occupants planned by the Russian dictator, today some of our fellow citizens publicly support similar efforts by the enemy to disrupt Ukraine's defense capabilities.

This was stated by the Commander of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Pavliuk. He called on Ukrainians to remember that Ukraine is facing an enemy that seeks to destroy both our country and our people, and every time they come across another report about the "arbitrariness of the TCA," they should remember who benefits from it.

Pavliuk reminded that, according to the main principles of the art of warfare, "aerobatics" is considered to be the achievement of the goal of destroying the enemy's plans and inflicting defeat on him without using his troops on the battlefield.

And this, he is convinced, is exactly what Russia is trying to do today, and with the hands of Ukrainians themselves.

"Judging by the recent months, the Russians are very skillful in using ancient Chinese warfare stratagems. And some of our fellow citizens, unfortunately, have lost the understanding that their actions and public statements have become a powerful weapon in the hands of the enemy. The enemy has not abandoned, is not abandoning and will never abandon its desire to destroy Ukraine," Pavliuk wrote.

He reminded that two years ago, at the beginning of the full-scale war with Russia, Ukrainians clearly realized the threat they faced and why it was important to do everything to resist the enemy. That's why, Pavliuk writes, social media was filled with photos and videos of long lines of Ukrainians outside military recruitment offices and memes like "when you serve, everyone is sick, and when you fight, everyone is healthy."

"Two years ago (not having even a tenth of today's air defense systems, weapons, and experience in a full-scale war!), we nevertheless understood perfectly well how important it was to disrupt the mobilization in Russia. We rejoiced at every military registration and enlistment office that was set on fire there, and were glad to see the lines of evaders who were panicking to Georgia and Kazakhstan," the Land Forces Commander recalled.

Today, the situation has changed dramatically, and a significant number of Ukrainians have started harassing the TCA soldiers and publicly supporting those who evade defending Ukraine.

"From the unity and cohesion of that time, our news and discussion space has slipped (or rather, shattered!), not without the help of our wonderful bloggers and free media. There are a lot of reports in the news about the "unfortunate drowned in the Tisza" or the "fighting Hutsuls". However, there are almost no materials about the work of the TCA, the specifics of military service, or the need to perform military duty. There is no interest of the media in such topics. There are only a few appeals from the media to clarify these issues. Can't you make a flashy headline? Will the target audience hide their eyes?" asked Pavliuk.

He also touched upon the issue of the attitude towards the military personnel of the Territorial center of acquisition, most of whom are now soldiers who have been through hellish battles on the front line and received injuries at the front that do not allow them to stay in the hot spots and stand side by side with their brothers in arms.

"How did it get to the point where it became acceptable to treat these people who went through hell as enemies and call them 'cannibals'? Why do all the materials about the "illegal actions of the TCA" deliberately miss the most important point: first of all, it is illegal for men to refuse their constitutional duty to defend Ukraine? Not to mention the fact that all the shots like "packing in a bead" fundamentally (!) do not contain what exactly in the behavior of the heroes of the material led to such consequences," Pavliuk wrote.

The Land Forces Commander also noted that social networks are full of videos of similar "clashes" with representatives of the TCA, but almost every one of them lacks context.

"We are often reproached: "It's your own fault, you don't change!" This is not true. We are changing, we see our shortcomings and work every day to become better, more understandable! We have a lot of work ahead of us, and without your help it will be much harder! Only together we can withstand this invasion and eventually win! "Break the enemy's alliances and divide his battle lines," teaches ancient Chinese warfare strategy. The opposition of the army to civilians is one of its points. So before we share the "screaming story of human rights violations" and the plight of "poor evaders," we should ask ourselves: who does this really help win the war? Definitely not Ukraine," Pavliuk summarized.

In early March, a gruesome video was posted online showing a man in Bukovyna running over a Territorial center of acquisition employee and then attacking him with an axe. After the resonance, the police took up the case.

Later, it turned out that the TCA employee who was the victim of the attack had defended Ukraine long before the full-scale invasion began. He has received state awards for valor on the battlefield. Already during the "great war" he was wounded in a heavy battle and was transferred to the TCA because he could not continue to fight on the front line.

The soldier's comrades, who recognized him in the footage from Bukovyna, demand severe punishment for the attackers according to the law.

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