"Ambulances picked them up right on the shore": Ukraine's Navy says most of Caesar Kunikov ship crew died

Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed Russian landing ship Caesar Kunikov

Along with the Russian ship Caesar Kunikov, most of the crew was killed off the coast of the temporarily occupied Crimea. Today, the terrorist country of the Russian Federation continues to conceal its losses, so it is problematic to name the exact number of liquidated occupants.

At the same time, some of the survivors were taken by ambulances directly from the shore. Dmytro Pletenchuk, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Navy, said this during the TV marathon.

According to him, the majority of the crew of the Caesar Kunikov ship destroyed in the occupied Crimea died. Pletenchuk emphasized that the enemy conceals losses, so it is not known for certain how many Russians died during the destruction of the ship.

At the same time, the Ukrainian Navy spokesman suggested that most of the crew was killed along with the ship. He also added that the occupiers took the survivors right from the shore. However, there is no information about the condition of these occupants.

"The crew was most likely present on board, albeit not the full list. Given the weather conditions and the time of day, it was still dark, so there is a high probability that a large part of the crew died. Ambulances took them from the shore. It is difficult to say what they looked like and if they were dead," the Ukrainian Navy spokesman said.

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