"How long will the world put up with this?" Russian Olympic judo champion in hysterics accused Ukraine of provocation at the Judo World Cup

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Zhurova threw a tantrum

Svetlana Zhurova, the 2006 Turin Olympic speed skating champion, accused Ukraine of provoking the judo world champion. The deputy of the State Duma, reacting to the ban on fans appearing in the stands in Doha with St. George ribbons, spoke about the training of "specially trained people" behind whom our country is allegedly behind.

Zhurova said this in a commentary for the propaganda news agency TASS. According to her, the International Judo Federation (JIF) allegedly would not pay more attention to this issue, and Ukraine with such methods will continue "to achieve our isolation".



"The organizers themselves would hardly notice the St. George ribbons. Ukraine will always watch out for such things and provoke such situations in order to continue to achieve our isolation. This is why the organizers do not want the Russians to participate in the competition, because they fear that not even Ukrainian athletes, but specially trained people will provoke such situations in one way or another. It is quite clear that now we have seen yet another provocation from Ukraine, which aims to make us and the whole world dance to their tune. The only question is how long the world will tolerate it," Zhurova said indignantly.


Note that the World Judo Championship takes place in Doha from May 7 to 14, but without the participation of the Ukrainian national team. Our judokas are boycotting the competition after the April 29 JIF to the tournament of Russian allegedly neutral athletes. At the same time, of the 17 Russian judokas who were included in the Doha World Cup entry form, most of them are contracted to the Russian Armed Forces, the CSKA and the Rosgvardia.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Russian Sports Minister Oleg Matytsin demanded from the international federation to respect judokas from the aggressor country because of the ban on the national symbols of Russia.

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