Tips to follow when dealing with insect bites

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Learn what to do in case of insect bites. Source: pexels

In the summer, when people go outdoors to relax, there is always a risk of being bitten by various pests. Some insect bites heal quickly, while extremely severe ones can last for months.

Insect bites may not be dangerous, but some of them can cause fatal infections. Extremely severe bites should be treated immediately. We have prepared information for you on what to do after insect bites and how to protect yourself from them.

The first thing to do after an insect bite

Insect bites usually cause itching, redness of the skin, or slight swelling. This is observed in both children and adults.

As a relief measure, place an ice cube or ice pack on the reddened area. Wash the insect bite with soap and water. You can also buy over-the-counter creams to treat itching. But be careful not to apply them to exposed skin.

Some insect bites cause swelling and lead to pus formation

After insect bites, use an antihistamine cream to reduce swelling in the affected area. You can apply baking soda and water to stop the annoying itching.

Aloe vera, basil leaves, and peppermint are good for insect bites. The antiseptic properties of aloe vera and basil leaves, as well as the cooling effect of peppermint leaves, provide relief.

Bee stings are painful and poisonous

The sting of honey bees is painful and can be poisonous until it is removed. Remember not to use tweezers or squeeze the stinger out, as this can lead to more venom being released.

Use a plastic card or something similar to remove the stinger. Immediately wash the sting with soap and water and apply aloe vera. In case of multiple stings, seek medical attention.

When should I see a doctor after an insect bite?

Although insect bites are common, multiple bites or insect bite sites should not be ignored.

If an insect has bitten your mouth, neck, or ear and the swelling does not go away, seek medical attention. Some insect bites can lead to pus discharge, so it is recommended to consult a doctor in this case.

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