Kinburn Spit may become an island: Gumenyuk explains short-term consequences of Kakhovka HPP explosion

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Meanwhile, the left bank of the Kherson region suffers from flooding more

The Kinburn Spit, located on the coast of Mykolaiv region, may temporarily become an island due to the Russian occupiers' blowing up of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station. This situation is expected to complicate the logistics of Putin's army.

This was reported by Natalia Gumenyuk, head of the Joint Coordination Press Centre of the Southern Defence Forces, during a national telethon. "Flooding can be quite critical, up to the point where the island may temporarily become an island," she said.

But, according to her, this will cause problems in the enemy's logistics. Although the Kafirs are not permanently on the spit, they are using its western part to launch attacks.

"They use it as a direct firing position: they arrive there, fire and retreat, knowing that they will immediately receive a response," explained Gumenyuk.

In addition, she said that on the eve of the attack on the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station, there were no signs that the invaders were preparing for it. Currently, the left bank of the Kherson region is suffering from flooding more than the right bank. At the same time, Russian minefields are drifting along the Dnipro River and may explode.

As a reminder, Russian propaganda sources began to report about the explosion at the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station named after P. S. Nepusty at around 3:00 a.m. on Tuesday, June 6.


Ukrhydroenergo stated that the hydroelectric power plant was completely destroyed and cannot be restored. In addition, part of the territory will be flooded, some settlements will be left without water supply, and the southern region is threatened with ecocide, with a potential danger to the temporarily occupied Zaporizhzhia NPP.

Evacuations have been announced in the settlements of Kherson that fall within the flood zone. The water level is rising downstream of the Kakhovka reservoir.

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