Hryhoriy Kozlovskyi and FC Rukh take active part in the rehabilitation of AFU soldiers

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Hryhoriy Kozlovskyi is the founder of FC Rukh, a well-known businessman and philanthropist

The founder of FC Rukh, a well-known businessman and philanthropist, Hryhoriy Kozlovskyi, is actively involved in the rehabilitation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Within the framework of the Above All project, Kozlovskyi, in cooperation with Oleksandr Shovkovskyi and the Ukrainian Sports Clinic, helps wounded and injured Ukrainians recover.

The project was launched on the territory of the FC Rukh Academy and the Emily complex in Vynnyky. The main goal of the project is to treat and rehabilitate wounded Ukrainian military and civilians. The project is to provide accommodation and rehabilitation for more than a hundred wounded soldiers over the year.

Hryhoriy Kozlovskyi noted that thousands of Ukrainian soldiers are now returning to civilian life after experiencing horrors, with broken psyches, nightmares, and an inability to continue their normal lives without an adaptation period. He emphasized that rehabilitation after injury is a set of measures to restore the physical and spiritual health of a soldier. Kozlovskyi added that one of the global challenges Ukraine will face is psychological rehabilitation, which hundreds of thousands of our servicemen need.

"Today, more than 50% of the soldiers need to improve their health, especially psychological assistance. That's why we, together with the football community, are trying to create individual comprehensive rehabilitation programs for our soldiers. We involve specialists from various fields. The work of a psychologist, psychotherapist, or psychiatrist is primarily a conversation with a person. Therefore, building this system is the task we must set now to help our military return to a full and healthy life," Kozlovskyi said.

The Above All initiative was established at the end of March 2022. It began working with its first patients in April of the same year it. So far, 54 Ukrainians have received professional help from specialists, and 37 have undergone treatment and rehabilitation at the Rukh Academy.

According to Artem Shkreba, a soldier with the 101st Brigade's mortar team, he has already undergone four knee surgeries since being wounded. He noted that working with specialists and the good conditions at the Emily complex and the Rukh Academy as part of the Above All project contributed to his faster recovery, and that the result is already noticeable.

Hryhoriy Kozlovksyi helps with the rehabilitation of AFU soldiers

"Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done because we need to strengthen the muscles and improve the mechanics of the joint. The doctors always explain why you need to do a particular procedure or exercise to achieve better results and recover as soon as possible," the fighter shared his story.

Dr. Yana Totska said that the rehabilitation process for the military takes place in several stages. First, there is a consultation, during which the doctor determines the diagnosis, and then the actual rehabilitation process takes place. Specialists use modern technologies to conduct tests and draw up an individual rehabilitation plan for each soldier.

In his turn, Oleh Kasatka, the head of the Ukrainian Sports Clinic project, added that FC Rukh and Hryhoriy Kozlovskyi responded to the initiative with enthusiasm, and thanks to the club's resources, Ukrainian soldiers are guaranteed a high level of service and all the necessary assistance they need. The Emily complex and the Rukh Academy have everything necessary for the soldiers' recovery from injuries.

Hryhoriy Kozlovskyi and FC Rukh help Ukrainian soldiers

Hryhoriy Kozlovskyi and FC Rukh always respond to initiatives aimed at supporting the Ukrainian military. Earlier, the philanthropist provided a military hospital in Lviv with an anesthesia and respiratory apparatus and a neurosurgical microscope.

"With these actions to supply important medical devices to the military hospital and support the rehabilitation of Ukrainian soldiers, we want to demonstrate that the football community does not stand aside from the problems that are currently facing the country. This is our contribution to the future victory. And our mission is to bring this day closer with every step," Kozlovskyi said.

Ukrainian soldiers rehabilitate at FC Rukh Academy

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