Zelensky: Kyiv has outlived all invaders and will outlive the Ruscists, not one will be here

On Kyiv Day, Zelensky addressed the residents of the capital

The head of state Volodymyr Zelensky commented on the massive attack by combat drones "Shahed" on Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities on the night of May 28. On that day, the capital celebrated City Day, and the meanness of the Russians was once again revealed to the world - but they can no longer intimidate Ukrainians.

These are the words with which the guarantor addressed the nation through the press service of his office. The vast majority of enemy drones were shot down by AFU air defense systems, but, alas, there were also hits (to see the video, scroll to the end of the page).

"During this terrorist attack, a quantitatively powerful blow was directed specifically against the Kyiv region. Thirty-six drones were shot down within the city and region of Kyiv. This is how Russia celebrates the day of our ancient Kyiv. Throughout its history Kiev has seen various meannesses from invaders. Survived them all, will survive the Rushists as well. None of them will be here!", - said the guarantor.

The leader of the Ukrainian nation added that the capital and other cities of Ukraine will forever put an end to the history of Moscow's despotism. This is the mission of a free and courageous people.

"The Kremlin will not be saved by the Shahedas or any other means of terror that it humiliatingly seeks around the world. For strength is in the people, it is in the cities, it is in life, and when both life and people and the most culturally weighty cities are neglected, there will only be a loss for Russia. And even hundreds of "Shaheds" will not save it. Only add shame to Russia", - assured Zelensky.


The President thanked everyone, thanks to whom we can celebrate dates important to our heart, in an independent democratic state. They are not only the defenders of the front, who heroically hold the defense and beat the enemy, but also representatives of peaceful professions that allow Ukrainians to live and work effectively.

"These are all our power engineers and transport workers. Thank you! "Ukrzaliznytsia". Oboronprom. All our volunteers. United24 and ambassadors. Thank you! Our law enforcement officers. Local authorities. Our workers, our utility workers. Our education. Our cultural figures. Our historians. All those who keep jobs, and all those who create jobs - no matter what. Our farmers, our agricultural workers. Our industry. Our IT people. Our civil servants. Our diplomats. Thank you to all who strengthen our defense, our state, our people!" the head of the nation addressed.


He stressed that today, today's holiday is the price for which thousands of our people are paying. Their labor cannot be overestimated, but today it is important to remember that the cities occupied by Russia will also be free, just as Kyiv is free today.

"Let's go forward until we liberate all our, Ukrainian land... Defend every city... Take care of each other and remember all our people, whom we must return home, to our cities and villages from Russian captivity," Zelensky summed up.

Previously OBOZREVATEL reported how residents celebrated the first Day of Kyiv, officially approved in 1982. Thanks to the old pictures kept by the editor of the publishing house "Varto" Elena Nasyrova, we can go back in time and see this holiday.

Vitaly Klitschko, the Mayor of Kyiv, shared his memories of the city that has forever been his home. He came to the capital with his family and his legendary brother when he was 14 years old, and since then he has many favorite places and locations.

"This, for example, is the Natalka Park, one of the best parks in Europe. Vladimirskaya Gorka is a historic place in the capital that we've done a very good job of renovating. I know that there are still many tasks ahead for transformations in our city. There is a lot of work and plans that we will continue to implement", - told the mayor on the occasion of the holiday.

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