You won't believe it! What kind of beetles can be brought into the house along with the Christmas tree

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Trees are liked not only by people and cats but also by various insects

A live Christmas tree is not only about Christmas mood and a bit of pine needles on the floor that need periodic vacuuming. Along with the tree, you may bring home beetles.

According to the Express, insects can be dormant on the tree and wake up due to the warmth of the home or hatch if the tree has been infested with larvae or eggs. Then you run the risk of finding unwanted guests in the most unexpected corners of your home. Whom can you find in your tree?

Conifer Aphids

These are tiny pests, no more than 2 mm long, that parasitize conifers and feed on their sap. Their presence can be noticed by cotton wool-like deposits on the branches, resembling snow. While it may pass for festive decor, conifer aphids can quickly damage your Christmas tree.


There are about 4 thousand species of aphids, with almost 250 considered plant pests. Fortunately, most have their own separate "specialization," and those aphids living on conifers are unlikely to be dangerous for your indoor plants.

Spiders and Mites

Spiders and ticks found on your Christmas tree are likely there because they have found food in the form of other insects and their eggs. They generally won't cause much harm, and you can leave them alone.


These insects live on various plants, feeding on terrestrial algae, lichens, fungi, and mold. However, the dry air of living quarters is destructive for them.

Pine Scale Insects

If you notice light dots on the needles that resemble spots of white paint, you may be dealing with pine needle scale eggs. In a few weeks, they can turn into tiny, reddish bugs that will spread across the floor and walls next to the tree.

How to control insects on the Christmas tree?

Start by carefully inspecting the tree before purchase. Illuminate its branches with a bright flashlight, ensuring needles and shoots are free of any inclusions, plaques, or suspicious particles.

Shake the purchased tree. If there are any unwanted "passengers," this may help get rid of at least some of them.

Once home, wait at least a day and shake the tree again, placing a newspaper on the floor beforehand. This way, you can collect loose needles and pests. Afterward, sweep the area where this manipulation was done, or better yet, vacuum it.

In any case, there are usually no truly dangerous pests on Christmas trees. So, any discomfort caused by insects brought in this way is likely psychological.

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