They will not achieve the planned goals: British intelligence explains how the war against Ukraine affects the Russian economy

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British intelligence explains how the war affects the Russian economy

The terrorist state Russia will likely fail to achieve its 2024 revenue goal for the state budget. Therefore, the government will need to consider other policy measures to finance its expenditures.

The main way to increase revenues will be to raise domestic taxes for Russian citizens. This was reported by the UK military intelligence on X.

The British intelligence agency stated that the leadership of the aggressor country dreams that budget expenditures will increase by 26% in 2024. Such plans of the Russians are associated with optimistic forecasts of a 25% increase in oil and gas revenues.

However, British intelligence has emphasized that if the Russian government fails to achieve these goals, it will have to reduce contributions to the National Welfare Fund and increase taxes.

According to British intelligence, such a policy will have an adverse impact on the long-term economic well-being of the citizens of the terrorist country. At the same time, Russia will focus on financing the fighting in Ukraine.

Earlier, it was reported that the Russian economy, heated up by the war against Ukraine, is working at the limit of its capabilities and is showing increasing signs of failing. Accordingly, it will no longer be able to continue its rapid growth.

As a reminder, in almost 2 years of full-scale war, Russia has spent half of the money from the National Welfare Fund (NWF), the main source of resources for a rainy day.

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