Winter Croatia: where to go and what to do

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What to see in Croatia in winter

This small European country appeals to all tourists. Some choose it for the opportunity to go skiing, others to improve their health at balneological resorts. And someone loves this country simply for its picturesque landscapes and beautiful architecture.

We don't know how it will touch you, but we are sure that it will have a special place in your heart. So, if you are planning a trip to Croatia soon, let's make a list of the best tourist destinations together. Here is a selection of places you should visit this winter.


It may seem strange, but we recommend starting your acquaintance with this country not from the capital, but from the picturesque city that Bernard Shaw dubbed "Heaven on Earth." Take our word for it, he gave it that name for a reason.

Here you forget about everything in the world. The balance that is so difficult to achieve in ordinary life is instantly found here. Perhaps it's the sea air and the incredible views that simply do not allow you to hide your camera in your bag or your smartphone in your pocket. At such moments, you realize how good it is that modern cameras have appeared. No amount of film would have been enough to preserve all the memories in the photos.

The main attraction of Dubrovnik is the Old Town, surrounded by a wall. If you look at the wall from above, it seems that it serves as a boundary between the past and the present. The center itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main tourist attractions are concentrated here: the Cathedral of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary, the Church of St. Vlasius, the Onofrio Fountain, and narrow streets with endless staircases.

It is a real pearl of the Adriatic. Dubrovnik is very popular among Europeans, so the locals take full advantage of the opportunity to make money on tourists. Keep in mind that, unfortunately, you won't be able to have a budget vacation in this paradise.

Winter Croatia: where to go and what to do


Every traveler should visit the former fishing village. Today it is a famous resort. In winter, you won't be able to bask in the sun or swim in the sea water. However, it's worth a visit even when everything is covered with snow.

It's a small copy of Venice with its unique houses, sights, and colorful streets. Rovinj is considered the summer capital of the country. But this doesn't mean that there is no entertainment here at other times of the year. In the low season, you can and even should explore historical locations.

Go to the Old Town, where the ruins of the fortress walls have been preserved. Next, climb to the top of the hill where the Cathedral of St. Ephraim stands. And finally, visit the Venetian-style Califfi Palace.

Winter Croatia: where to go and what to do


Finally, the capital. Where can you go without it? In summer, tourists ignore it, preferring other resorts. However, in winter they come here. After all, what better time to get to know the center of the country than during this period?

In fact, Zagreb is very compact. Wherever you go, you will come across architectural monuments, old buildings, or interesting exhibition halls. For example, walking along narrow pedestrian streets, you can find the Museum of Unhappy Love. By the way, it is the only one in the world. That's why it's so popular among travelers.

Also, don't miss the local market. Every tourist should walk along the aisles. It is here that the capital's flavor is best felt.

Where else to go? Of course, to the City Hall, the Presidential Palace, St. Mark's Church, Maximir Park, and the Primitive Art Gallery.

Winter Croatia: where to go and what to do


And this region is worth a visit for at least a few hours to see the "second Colosseum". Of course, its twin brother is much larger. But this beauty is also worth your attention.

In no other Croatian city will you see such a fantastic combination of different styles. Here, medieval buildings stand majestically next to Italian palaces, and Austrian cottages huddle to their sides.

Every power that has ruled here has left its mark. The Roman Empire left the Colosseum. Austria-Hungary – a series of fortresses. Italy - many beautiful cathedrals. So keep in mind, that there are places to go in Pula.

Visit the Forum Square - the place where the Romans used to gather for a meeting. See the Arc de Triomphe of the Saints, which was built in honor of three prominent figures who won victory for the city. Also visit the Temple of Augustus, the Archaeological Museum, the Franciscan complex, and the Kastel Fortress.

Winter Croatia: where to go and what to do

Small European countries know how to surprise. So we are sure that Croatia will manage to leave a pleasant aftertaste.

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