Where not to put a Christmas tree: the three worst places in an apartment

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Christmas tree in the room

A Christmas tree is an indispensable attribute of winter holidays. Of course, many people will decide that this year's celebration is not the right time, but the war has taught us to appreciate every moment, so why not treat yourself, your children and family members to some Christmas decor? You should appreciate the moments with your loved ones, and a Christmas tree will definitely add coziness and atmosphere to your home.

Before putting a Christmas tree in the room, you should pay attention to a few details. Experts from Kobieta Interia told us where not to put a Christmas tree.

Where not to put a Christmas tree

The most common mistake is to place the Christmas tree near radiators. A tree placed near a heat source will quickly become brittle, and the needles will begin to fall off. For the same reasons, you should not put a Christmas tree near a fireplace.

In the case of an artificial tree, this problem disappears. But please note that the decor should not cover the radiator so as not to interfere with its heat distribution.

You should also not place a live Christmas tree near the door. There is a risk that in the event of an emergency, the branches may make it difficult to leave the room. In addition, there is a risk that the tree will fall if it is constantly touched by people entering the room.

It is illogical to place a live tree in a draft or near a balcony door. Temperature changes will adversely affect the tree. It is better to keep it at least one meter away from the entrance to the room.

Do not put Christmas trees in rooms with mold. Moisture will quickly spoil the tree, and bacteria and fungal spores can be transferred to the tree.

Can you put a Christmas tree in a bedroom

You can put a Christmas tree in your bedroom if you follow the safety rules. Remember to turn off the lights before going to bed. Otherwise, the situation could end in disaster.

Where to put the Christmas tree

Expert Jan Miksa advises choosing a place as far away from heat sources as possible and lowering the temperature in the room by 3-4 degrees. This will also increase the secretion of essential oils.

Proponents of Feng Shui practice say that the Christmas tree should be placed in the south or southeast sector of the room. They explain that the Christmas tree is a carrier of fire energy, and these sectors in the house are responsible for these vibrations. If the tree is placed in this place, it can strengthen family well-being and can be a harbinger of significant changes in your career.

But if you put a Christmas tree in the western or northern corner of the room, family members may experience health problems, according to superstitionists. According to the principles of Feng Shui, it is also a bad idea to put a tree in the center of the room - such a location can threaten to worsen the financial situation.

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