Where Makar grazes the calf: what does the Ukrainian phraseology mean and what can be replaced with

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Rules of the Ukrainian language

The Ukrainian language is extremely rich in phraseology. Idioms act as stable phrases and a single, coherent expression. For example, when referring to a distant place, you can say "where Makar grazes his calf".

However, this is not the only meaning of a catchphrase. Read the OBOZ.UA article to find out what can replace the phraseology and what antonyms exist for it.

Where Makar grazes the calf

The phraseology "where the buck stops" is used to refer not only to a long distance. It's also used to describe places where someone is facing difficult conditions.

For example:

Some people ... went to the state bread bank, and some went to the place where Makar grazes calves (Panas Myrnyi).

The grandson went to look for a better life, to work somewhere, as his grandmother said, where Makar grazes calves.

The phraseology also means a place where one finds oneself in not of one's own free will.

We found ourselves in a terrible time,

Where Makar did not herd calves (V. Ivanovych).

Ivan married Olesia, and in a few days he was torn away from his family and driven to a place where Makar did not graze calves.

Synonyms for the catchphrase

You can also talk about long distances and difficult conditions using the following phrases:

  • where the goats' horns rule;
  • where pepper does not grow;
  • on the edge of the world;
  • where the crow does not fly;
  • the devil is in the mud;
  • the devil is in the teeth;
  • a world away;
  • over thirty-nine lands;
  • where the crow flies.

Antonyms for phraseology

Antonyms are words and expressions that are opposite in meaning. The following can be said about close proximity:

  • at hand/under the side/under the nose;
  • at a stone's throw;
  • just around the corner
  • at the throw of an arrow
  • two steps away;
  • throw in the towel;
  • not far to walk;
  • to give a hand (to get).

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