What indoor plants repel flies: what to plant in the kitchen

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The only thing that can ruin the summer idyll is the unpleasant buzzing of annoying flies. Scientists estimate that a female fly can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime, all surviving. These insects are carriers of many diseases, from dysentery to typhoid. On average, each fly contains more than 6 million germs.

It is better to prevent a problem than to fight it. Experts say that some plants will repel flies in a natural and effective way.


Basil is not only a universal seasoning in cooking. Few people know that this plant can repel flies and spiders due to its strong aroma of essential oils.


Lavender essential oil is one of the most effective natural remedies for bugs, flies, and even fleas. The plant with purple flowers looks extremely aesthetically pleasing. You can plant lavender on a windowsill as a houseplant or decorate beds with it.

Lemon balm

The citrus scent of lemon balm will also repel flies. The effectiveness of the plant is due to the high content of citronella, a compound naturally present in essential oil. Citronella is known for repelling spiders, flies, and mosquitoes. A plant on the windowsill will help protect your entire home from insects.


Rosemary is a plant that is often underestimated. It is usually used as a seasoning for fish or meat. While the human nose picks up only a subtle aroma of rosemary, for insects this smell is more intense. Rosemary will scare away flies, spiders, and annoying midges.


Marigold is the most effective plant in the fight against insects. Its strong odor repels many pests, including spiders and flies. Experienced gardeners advise to grow marigolds together with sage in the garden or put the plants on the windowsill in the warm season.

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