What can be planted in the garden to keep the cat or dog away: the most beautiful options

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Pets will be safe if you plant these plants in the garden

The garden is a place for all family members, both two-legged and four-legged. However, cats and dogs can sometimes behave inappropriately around plants, chewing on leaves and flowers, which can often be fatal for them.

But what if a significant proportion of ornamental plants are considered poisonous to pets? Gardeners recommend paying attention to high-flowering species. They are often both safer and above the animal's zone of interest. OBOZ.UA tells you about several species that will take root in your garden.


Large bright flowers often grow even higher than human height. And at the same time, they add bright colors to the garden. Sunflowers are very easy to care for, so they are an ideal choice for gardeners of any skill level. All they need is plenty of sunlight and timely watering.


This ornamental tree will be the first harbinger of spring in your garden. This non-toxic plant has large, fragrant flowers of various colors – white, pink, and even deep purple. Magnolia thrives best when planted in well-drained, slightly acidic soil and placed either in full sun or partial shade. It does not require any complicated care.

Japanese maples

Although this tree doesn't bloom, it adds color differently. In spring, it blooms with bright pale green leaves, in summer its crown acquires the usual shade of mature green, and in autumn the tree explodes with colors ranging from yellow to wine red. The only thing to consider when planting a Japanese maple in your garden is that it may need shelter in cold winters.

Dark cranesbill

The plant blooms in the first half of summer, decorating the garden with five-petaled flowers of unusual dark shades of red. The cranesbill is non-toxic to dogs and cats, tolerates short-term drought, and attracts bees and butterflies. If you have a vegetable garden in addition to a garden, this species will not only add beauty to your site but will also bring great benefits.

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