Video of Nina Matvienko two months before she died: the woman was cheerful and happy

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A video of Nina Matvienko two months before her death

The death of the legendary Ukrainian singer Nina Matvienko, whose heart stopped beating two days before her 76th birthday, was a big blow to her colleagues, family, and fans. Users continue to recall warm and heartbreaking stories related to the star, posting archival photos and videos, as well as photos and videos taken a few months before the tragic news. One of them was posted by Ukrainian singer Anna Dobrydneva, a member of the once-popular duo Para Normalnykh. She was traveling by train to Lviv in August this year to take part in a charity concert together with Nina.

That performance was the last for the People's Artist and Hero of Ukraine. Dobrydneva posted the video from the train two months before Nina's death on her TikTok, where it has already garnered hundreds of touching comments (to watch it, scroll to the bottom of the page ).

The footage shows Matvienko sitting in a train carriage and gently singing lines from the song "The Sun Hid Behind the Mountain."

"My Ukraine, you are my land, you are my magic, I love you endlessly, I want to love you even more!" the Ukrainian pop legend sings in her unique voice.

A video shows the 75-year-old artist smiling sincerely and looking happy. She is not wearing makeup, so many commentators were impressed by the star's natural beauty, regarding her advanced age.

Video of Nina Matvienko two months before she died: the woman was cheerful and happy

Anna Dobrydneva explained, "It was the Kyiv-Lviv train. We were going to another charity concert in support of the Armed Forces. It was our Nina's last concert."

Video of Nina Matvienko two months before she died: the woman was cheerful and happy

Presumably, we are talking about the Road to Victory concert that took place in Lviv on August 4 this year. Matvienko and Dobrydneva, as well as other well-known artists, performed there. The money was then used to purchase cars for the A7285 military unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is part of the 111th Separate Brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces.

At the end of the video, Nina sent a lot of air kisses to the camera and smiled even wider.

As reported, on October 11, the legend of the Ukrainian stage Nina Matvienko was buried in Kyiv. Ukrainian singer Natalia Mohyleska fulfilled her last request, Tonia Matvienko spoke about her mother's dying will, and Ukrainians gave the star a 10-minute standing ovation.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA wrote that Nina Matvienko's colleagues and friends spoke about their pleasant memories of the star at her funeral. The Ukrainian pop legend asked not to cry but to remember her with a warm word.

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