Ukrenergo explains when mass blackout schedules may be introduced

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When blackout schedules will be introduced
When blackout schedules will be introduced. Source: Freepik

Ukraine may introduce hourly blackout schedules if the electricity shortage increases. "Ukrenergo communicates a consumption limit to each region. The regional power distribution companies, together with the local regional military administration, distribute this limit to each consumer, forming a queue of outages.

That is, if the shortage increases, the schedules for limiting the industry may not be enough, and then it will be necessary to apply schedules for all consumers, Ukrenergo reports on its official Telegram page. "The last means of balancing the power system in conditions of shortage, when there is a lack of imports and emergency assistance, is to limit consumption," Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, Chairman of the Board of NPC Ukrenergo, said.

When the scheduled will be introduced?

The highest consumption is observed in the evening. At night, imports do not enter the Ukrainian power system and, despite the fact that consumption is falling, there is not enough resource. "Where we can, we overlap with emergency power, but it is impossible to take it around the clock, so we have to apply schedules for limiting industry at night," he explained.

Can companies avoid blackouts?

If companies that fall under the restrictions when the power system lacks capacity import electricity for at least 30% of their consumption, the current rules guarantee that they will not be disconnected.

Who else can be affected by the restrictions?

If the deficit in the power grid increases and becomes continuous throughout the day, the hourly blackout schedule (HBS) will be applied.

"When a deficit occurs in certain hours, it may be physically impossible or impractical to disconnect millions of consumers several times a day. This affects the wear and tear of equipment and is technically quite difficult. Therefore, in such cases, a schedule for limiting the power of industrial consumers is provided. This is technically more correct. These rules are developed by the power system operator, approved by the Ministry of Energy, and are a binding order," the company explained.

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