Turn off these four iPhone settings right now to instantly speed up the device

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Four iPhone settings that only prevent it from working at its best. Source: freepik.com

The iPhone holds a special place in the market thanks to its performance, reliability, and intuitive interface. However, even the best technology is not immune to running slow.

Sometimes a smartphone can work slower due to cache accumulation, visual effects, outdated software, or even some default settings. She Finds tells you which ones you should disable to improve your iPhone's performance.

Devices come with pre-installed settings that can slow them down. In addition, some of them consume a significant amount of battery power.

Low Power Mode

Power saving mode can help you save battery power in situations where you can't recharge your phone. However, if this feature is enabled all the time, it will slow down your device and limit visuals, background app updates, video playback, and more.

Turn off these four iPhone settings right now to instantly speed up the device


The brighter your phone's screen is, the more power your battery uses. As a result, it also causes your iPhone to run more slowly. Therefore, if you want to optimize your device's performance, you should reduce the screen brightness in the evening or when you're not in the sun.

Apple's Product Development Process (ANPP)

Apple uses your data by default to learn how it can improve its products. However, it does this at the expense of battery life, so to keep your device running longer and faster, you should turn this feature off.

You can do this in the settings. Go to Privacy - Geolocation services - System services - Product improvements. Turn all the buttons.

Fetch New Data

To help you receive emails as quickly as possible, the system refreshes your mail every second by default. This feature can be quite convenient if you often receive important messages, but it consumes a lot of battery power.

In the settings, go to Mail and select Accounts. Then press Fetch new data. There, select the appropriate option so that your email is refreshed only when you click on "Notifications". As a result, you will wait a few seconds longer for a letter, but in general, the phone will work faster.

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