Traveling to Saudi Arabia: exploring a state without a single river

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The Muslim pilgrimage center is increasingly attracting tourists. Read on to find out what the kingdom has in store for its guests.


The holy city of Islam. The most powerful skyscraper complex on the planet, Abraj Al Bait, was built here. However, it is almost impossible to visit it. Access is open only to those who perform the Hajj.

Traveling to Saudi Arabia: exploring a state without a single river


Here is the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad and two caliphs who were later recognized as righteous. You can also see the world's first mosque here. Unfortunately, these locations are also closed to tourists. Only Muslims are allowed to enter.


A metropolis with 7.5 million inhabitants. Compared to previous centers, there are plenty of travelers here. The capital successfully combines ancient Arab traditions and modern architecture.

Among the sights are the Kingdom Tower and Al Faisaliah.

In the city, you can watch camel jumping and taste the specialty dish hashi.

Also, the most prestigious skyscraper Burj Al Mamlaka was built here. It has 99 floors. By the way, its appearance resembles the eye of a needle. There is an observation deck at the top, which offers an incredible view. By the way, it starts working at 14:00. So plan your time so that you have time to visit it.

Traveling to Saudi Arabia: exploring a state without a single river


The multicultural port is located on the shores of the Red Sea. Most travelers visit the Corniche resort area. There are luxury hotels, sandy beaches, and various sculptures. There is also the famous King Fahad's Fountain. It throws out jets of water to a height of 312 meters.

Do not miss the Matbouli House Museum, which is over 400 years old. It houses ancient and antique artifacts.


Formerly a fishing village, now a cozy and prestigious town. Beautiful coasts, parks with fountains, unusual landscapes and large entertainment complexes: there is everything for a leisurely "oriental" vacation.

Guests appreciate the Corniche embankment the most. It is decorated with waterfalls, openwork gazebos and decorative pools. By the way, you can also book excursions to museums or historical and architectural monuments here.

Traveling to Saudi Arabia: exploring a state without a single river


It is famous for its clean and cozy coasts. If you are traveling with children, be sure to visit the Dolphin Village and King Fahad Park. The territory of the natural complex is dotted with artificial lagoons, fountains, alleys, and waterfalls.

Beach lovers will definitely appreciate Half Moon Beach and the artificial island of Marjan.


An oil and fuel pier with processing plants and industrial enterprises. By the way, the rest of the city has many historical sights and a great recreation area.

Night market offers the freshest seafood and traditional Arabian food. Keep in mind that there are the best dive sites. Diving enthusiasts will definitely enjoy it.


It is often called the "center of roses". In the spring, all the mountain slopes and valleys are covered with colorful blossoms. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, there is a lot of entertainment on offer. For example, you can visit the El Kar water park, drive a car on the highway, or take a cable car.


The highest peaks of Saudi Arabia are located here. They rise at an altitude of over 2000 meters above sea level. The location is known for its cool climate. To get acquainted with the nature of the region, go to Asir National Park.

We also recommend visiting the historic Shadda Palace.The rulers of the country once lived here. Finally, go to the village of Rijal Almaa. There are still examples of mud houses here.

Traveling to Saudi Arabia: exploring a state without a single river

Madain Salih

On the territory of the complex are the ruins of the Herga settlement. Traders from all over the peninsula used to come here. Here you can find architectural monuments of different peoples: Assyrians, Phoenicians and Egyptians. An ideal place for those who are interested in history.

Rub' al Khali

A sea of endless sand and dunes. A fantastic desert where summer temperatures break all records. Therefore, those who cannot stand the heat should refrain from such a trip.

Rules to follow when traveling

Until recently, the country did not allow visitors at all. Here, the laws are valued above all else. Keep in mind that it is strictly forbidden for women to travel alone.

  1. When going to public places, wear closed clothing and cover your head.
  2. All establishments are divided into two zones: men's and women's.
  3. When talking to locals, do not discuss political or religious issues.
  4. Be careful as it is not easy to take photos here. Do not take pictures of houses belonging to members of the royal family. By the way, do not take pictures of women. Take pictures of men only with their permission.
  5. Do not keep your hands in your pockets or gesture.
  6. Do not dance or listen to music in public places.


Renting an apartment costs from $400 to $800 and more. It all depends on the location.

A meal in an inexpensive restaurant will cost about $5, and in a mid-range restaurant, lunch will cost around $30.

In grocery stores, the price of water is $0.30, bread is $0.70, and 1 kilogram of bananas can be bought for $1.43.

Saudi Arabia has a well-developed transportation system.

A single bus ticket costs $0.54. The average taxi fare is around $2.7. Car rental starts from $17,500.

Planning an unforgettable trip? Pack your bags and go on an incredible journey through Saudi Arabia.

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