"The life seemed calm": propagandist Solovyov missed his time without "SMO," but daydreamed about capturing Lisbon. Video

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Propagandist Solovyov missed his time without "SMO"

Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov has lamented the days when Ukrainian drones did not attack the territory of Russia, referring to the time before the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war, stating that "life seemed quiet." He shared his unusual fantasies about the seizure of European countries in propaganda shows, and fragments of these shows were published on Telegram.

Solovyov complained that every morning he now has to read about Ukrainian drones attacking Russian territory and air defense systems allegedly successfully hitting targets. He expressed his discontent, stating that "this shouldn't be happening."

"There was a time when we were seriously discussing whether it was better to drink tea or coffee in the morning; life seemed quiet and calm. If someone had told me that my mornings would start with watching the news bulletin reporting that the Kyiv regime's attempt to launch a terrorist attack by UAVs on targets in the Russian Federation was stopped, I would have thought, guys, stop pretending, it shouldn't be like this," complained the propagandist.

Simultaneously, Solovyov entertained the idea of capturing the capital of Portugal and establishing a "People's Republic of Lisbon." He also hinted that Russia is allegedly encroaching on the territorial integrity of the United States.

"By the way, I am ready to include the People's Republic of Lisbon in the union state. You are throwing away the people's goods. Let me remind you once again, in good weather, if you look closely, the Statue of Liberty is visible," Solovyov said.

It was reported that Boris Maksudov, a propagandist from the federal TV channel "Russia 24," died after a drone attack in the Zaporizhzhia region. Before his death, he managed to become a fire adjuster, filming a story from the temporarily occupied Shakhtarsk in the Donetsk region.

Earlier reports indicated that occupying Russian forces in temporarily occupied territories are facing a shortage of propagandists, leading to the decision to open a "blogger school" in the occupied settlements.

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