The best resorts in Turkey: where to go in summer

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Resorts in Turkey

Do you dream of a perfect vacation and fabulous beaches? Go to Turkey. Read more to find out which destination to choose.


Antalya is located in the south in the so-called Riviera zone. It is not only the center of the province of the same name but also a marina. The peculiarity of this place is the all-inclusive service.

The typical Mediterranean climate prevails here. Most tourists can be found from April to November. However, even in winter, the water temperature fluctuates around 17°C. That's why people swim in the sea all year round. Of course, the cost of off-season trips is much lower.

If you want to see the architectural sights, head to the Old Town. And if you want to have dinner in a restaurant or have fun, go to the port area.

The best resorts in Turkey: where to go in summer


The resort was created almost from scratch. Modern hotel complexes were quickly built here. It is located 30 kilometers from the airport. It is dominated by pine and eucalyptus forests. You can also find giant tortoises.

If you are traveling with your family and children, the hotel will offer all the necessary conditions. The staff speaks not only several languages but also knows how to work with kids. There are playrooms, playgrounds, and mini clubs for kids.

A trip to Belek will also have a good effect on your health. The air in the city is filled with the aromas of pine needles and orange gardens. They grow right on the territory of the hotel complexes.

We recommend a trip to the Köprülü Kanyon, the ancient city and the Roman Theatre of Aspendos. Be sure to go to the city mosque.


The scenery here is spectacular, with mountains and the sea all around. Tourists can rent different rooms: from budget to VIP apartments.

The best season for traveling is from May to October. The water here is crystal clear, so swimming is a pleasure. We recommend visiting the Moon Light Parki. It has a dolphinarium, a bunch of attractions, and a citrus garden.

By the way, a sunken French ship and caves await those who like to dive.

To touch the sky, take a ride on the Olympos cable car. It stretches for 4350 meters. The entire journey takes 10 minutes.

The best resorts in Turkey: where to go in summer


A real open-air museum. There are many archaeological, natural, and historical sites here. You should definitely go to the Temple of Apollo, the Ancient Theater, the Nymphaeum Fountain, and the Basilica and Bishop's Palace.

The city's name means "pomegranate." A lot of attention is paid to nature protection here, so the flora and fauna is impressive. By the way, divers will love the sunken military relic, an American airplane.

In addition, guests in Side often organize field trips to the Manavgat River. Here you can admire the waterfall and taste freshly prepared freshwater trout.


A popular resort and the farthest from the airport. It is located 140 kilometers away. The average annual temperature here does not drop below +20°C.

There are several interesting towns here. If you need a budget vacation, go to Mahmutlar. For a peaceful and quiet weekend, head to Okurcalar. Those who like active leisure will appreciate Avsallar. For those looking for comfort, we recommend going to Incekum.

Alanya also has the Sealanya Dolphinpark Seapark. Here you can visit attractions, see crocodiles in the enclosure, and visit the dolphinarium.


Once a fishing village, it is now a vacation spot for many tourists. The province is located on a peninsula where one of the Seven Wonders of the World was once created. We are talking about the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.

We recommend going to the largest disco in Europe, Halikarnas The Club. By the way, the name of the location means "basement". And no wonder. After all, it is part of a natural pit. By the way, there is a museum of underwater archeology here, where the golden seal of Nefertiti is kept.

The best resorts in Turkey: where to go in summer


The resort is known for its favorable climate. There is no exhausting heat even in July and August. The city also has many historical monuments. Be sure to visit the city museum, Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai, Ibrahim Pasha Mosque, and Cleopatra and Dalyan Islands.

Please note: local beaches are far from hotels. All of them are divided into several lines. Of course, the closer to the sea, the higher the cost of living.


This place is perfect for yachting and sightseeing. The amazing nature and bright sunsets are impressive here. By the way, the coastline in the resort area is quite narrow.

We recommend exploring the ruins of the castle of the Fethiye Kalesi. Wander around the abandoned town of Kayaköy and climb to the Lycian tombs.

In general, the location is suitable for those looking for peace and harmony. But there are also nightclubs here. If you like dancing, go to the Lycia disco.


This "Bird Island" attracts attention with its pirate flavor. If you like to have an active vacation, be sure to visit the Aqua Fantasy or Adaland water parks.

Do you want to know where Pythagoras was born and spent his childhood? Go to Samos. And to return to ancient times, go explore Ephesus.

The best resorts in Turkey: where to go in summer


It is famous for its developed tourist infrastructure, clean beaches and warm Aegean Sea. The name of the town means "fountain". There are many natural springs here, as well as healing mineral waters and mud baths.

Every tourist should visit the Genoese fortress. It has been standing on the hills since the 16th century. We also recommend going to the village of Alachaty. There are wooden windmills there.

By the way, the city is quite far from the airport. It's about 100 kilometers away, so consider this fact when planning your trip.

The summer season has begun! Pack your bags and go to sunny Turkey.

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