The Beatles released their last song "Now And Then": They successfully "retrieved" John Lennon's voice

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The Beatles released the last song Now And Then

The iconic British rock band The Beatles has released "Now And Then" which the musicians have called their "final" song. This is the last song of the legendary Liverpool Four that was worked on by the entire band, including John Lennon.

The song was 45 years in the making - Lennon wrote the first bars back in 1978, two years before his tragic murder. The work was completed a year ago, and the track has been in the works for the last week. The single by the cult musicians was posted on all streaming platforms, including YouTube, where 100 thousand users managed to listen to it in less than an hour after its publication (to watch, scroll to the bottom of the page).

As noted by BBC journalists, this release marks what could be "the final chapter for arguably the greatest band in rock history."

In 1978, Lennon recorded a demo with vocals and piano at his home in New York. After his death, the musician's widow Yoko Ono gave the tape to the rest of the band. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr completed the recording in the studio only a year ago. George Harrison played rhythm guitar, which he recorded in 1995, and producer Giles Martin added a new string arrangement.

It is noted that this is a love apology song, quite typical of John Lennon's solo work in the 1970s, in a similar vein to "Jealous Guy."

The Beatles released their last song ''Now And Then'': They successfully ''retrieved'' John Lennon's voice

"Listening to John and Paul sing the first chorus together, the way they merge in the line 'Now and then I miss you' is powerful, to say the least," commented critic Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone magazine.

Artificial intelligence (AI) was also used to some extent in completing the song. During the filming of The Beatles' documentary "Get Back," director Peter Jackson's production company developed software that allowed them to "de-mix" complex recordings with overlapping sounds.

For "Now And Then," the software was able to "extract" Lennon's voice from the original cassette recording, eliminating the background hiss and power grid hum that had prevented the song from being completed.

According to Paul McCartney, Lennon's voice in "Now And Then" sounds "crystal clear."

Early commentators are already sharing their impressions of listening to this truly majestic song for generations. They write: "The Beatles are making history again," "A real gem, a special gift for all Beatles fans, thank you so much! I like it!", "Beautiful song. I'm in tears here. Thanks to Yoko Ono for giving Paul the tape. Thank you to George, Paul, and Ringo, who did everything possible to make this project happen. Thank you to Paul and Ringo for never giving up, and to Peter Jackson for helping them achieve their goal," "I never thought I would live to see the day when 'Now and Then' was released. After years of listening to fan versions, I can say that nothing compares to the real thing. It's such an emotional song to hear after everything that's happened. Hearing John's voice come alive in Paul's performance tonight makes me very happy and emotional at the same time. Paul's guitar solo dedicated to George touches me to the core."

Earlier, OBOZ.UA also reported that Paul McCartney showed his support for Ukraine by appearing on stage in the United States with a blue and yellow flag. The British musician traveled to America as part of his world tour called "Get Back."

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