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Shixie haircut is the trend of 2023
Shixie haircut is the trend of 2023

For years, many women have been looking for "their" haircut that will suit them, cover up their flaws and emphasize their advantages. Some make mistakes by choosing a style that doesn't fit their face shape. However, hairdressers have invented an alternative that will suit everyone and is trendy in 2023.

We are talking about a short shixie haircut. Thanks to it, you can forget about routine hair care as it will always look good regardless of the texture. OBOZREVATEL tells you about all the advantages of the hairstyle and how to take care of it.

Shixie is an exquisite combination of layering and stylish short length. This hairstyle suits any face shape. Moreover, the length can be easily adjusted, allowing you to quickly change your look.

Stylists show how to style shixie

Jayne Matthews, a hairdresser and stylist, told Glamour about the chic hairstyle, which is a mix of two haircuts: shaggy and pixie. This style is characterized by tiered and textured strands, reminiscent of the popular shaggy haircuts of the 1980s.

Matthews considers shixie a new trend for 2023, which is great for those who want to grow longer hair after a bob. And besides, he does not dare to go for a very short length as a "torn" haircut can be a transitional stage.

Shixie is suitable for all face shapes

According to the hairdresser, shixie looks great on straight hair, as well as with light waves. The main highlight of this hairstyle is the "layering" that suits all hair types. For curly-haired girls, stylists remove the extra strands that make the hairstyle heavier, while for owners of fine hair, on the contrary, they leave them to add volume.

Shixie rejuvenates

The Instagram profiles of fashion stylists are full of videos of women' transformations before and after a haircut. Shixie ris a dynamic and bold proposal for women looking for a modern look. Even owners of medium-length hair are not afraid to experiment and cut their hair short.

Short haircuts are back in fashion

The tiered nature makes the shixie cut easy to style and care for, and most importantly, it is easily modeled with simple tricks, and sometimes without them. This length does not require complicated procedures or a large number of care products. You can get by with a pea-sized amount of conditioner and not use hair masks as they can weigh hair down.

To create the perfect shixie, hairdressers recommend buying a gel or clay. You need to apply the product to your fingers, "whip" the strands up, and the stylish hairstyle is ready. Do not forget about thermal protection when using a styler or curling iron. This will help protect your hair from damage and keep it healthy and beautiful.

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