Putin's friends will not help: Sweden plans to leave Russia without gas money

Sweden threatens to unilaterally seek a ban on LNG from Russia to the EU
Sweden threatens to unilaterally seek a ban on LNG from Russia to the EU. Source: Freepik

Relations between the countries of the European Union (EU) have deteriorated over Russia. For example, Sweden may unilaterally block imports of Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG) if Hungary succeeds in removing this restriction from the next package of sanctions.

According to Bloomberg, Swedish Energy Minister Ebba Busch announced such a scenario. At the same time, she proposed to rely on nuclear energy, which is also cleaner than hydrocarbons.

"If the package of sanctions does not achieve its goal, we are ready to act independently. This is not the optimal solution, but we are considering finding a way to further suspend and impose sanctions on Russian imports, particularly LNG," Busch said at a meeting of energy ministers held on May 30 in Brussels.

The Swedish minister did not specify how her government would demand restrictions on Russian energy imports. At the same time, she called the new measures that allow individual EU member states to ban Russian LNG supplies without imposing new sanctions insufficient.

"Russia's goal in this war is to divide and conquer. But Sweden will not stand by and wait if we do not succeed with the 14th package of sanctions," she warned.

In addition, Stockholm proposed to impose additional duties on Russian imports, transferring the proceeds to Ukraine. Similar measures are already in place in the US, UK and Canada.

Busch proposes to compensate for Russian gas by increasing investment in nuclear energy development, which is also in line with the EU's Green Deal.

"The EIB has to answer the question why it is actually neglecting the issue of European competitiveness. Because this is exactly the effect (of the bank's actions - Ed.)," Busch emphasized.

As previously reported, Hungary has threatened to block any EU sanctions that raise energy prices in Europe. However, the country's authorities have not yet openly stated their position: the matter is limited to statements during individual meetings.

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